Woman-Slapping Coming To DS Via Homebrew

Slapping women was great on the PC, but it'd be PERFECT on the DS. More interactive, more portable. While an official, boxed copy is just never ever going to happen, French homebrewer Mia has started work on a DS version of the game.

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MK_Red4041d ago

I played the PC version while ago and it was stupid decent fun but if they add multiplayer and more levels, it could be a killer app for DS. This thing may sell millions in Japan at least.

Syko4041d ago

Slapping women NOW....More interactive, more portable.

Thank god for that a DS is easier to carry around for beatings than my wife.

/Sarcasm off


Salvadore4041d ago

I would love too see this game on the DS, would be awesome.

ShiftyLookingCow4041d ago

Q: "Did you stop beating your wife?"
A: "No, why should I? Its too much fun!"

end sarcasm

socomnick4040d ago

this game was hilarious

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