Is it? Isn't it? No, Milo & Kate Is Definitely Not A Real Game

Well, this has taken a while. Milo & Kate’s been up in the air for ages, unveiled alongside Kinect to show off the technology, then revealed as probably not being a game, but maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t, oh my goodness, and nobody at Microsoft or Lionhead was allowed to talk about it.

But now, it seems, it’s been confirmed: Milo is not a real game, and it never was in the first place.

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Call_me_Ishmael2784d ago

i saw the vid,immedietly knew it was fake

D812784d ago

It isn't fake, it's just not a "game" - instead, seems like it was tech to develop ideas and show off Kinect.

chazjamie2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

oh well. i guess i have to keep waiting for the kinetic sexy valentine simulation.

edit: when i saw the vid, all i was thinking about how npc's in a game like gta and uncharted would react to me. In a cut-scene it would be my face telling them to shut up and nonsense like that. they would call me by my name and not mr marston. jip,no longer scripted.thats what they working on right?

ASSASSYN 36o2784d ago

Exactly d81. It was a target render showing devs and the public what ms was attempting to do. Nobody with half a brain was running around stating the want the, "Milo game!" it wasn't real in performance nor future distribution. But nobody wants to read that truth apparently. We know who is significantly over disturbed by this obvious news.

Christopher2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Milo is a pipe dream. A look into the very distant future in regards to AI programmed at a level that requires hardware tech we haven't developed yet to aid in rapidly processing huge databases worth of data to determine reactions specific to a user's inquiries and actions.

darthv722784d ago

It's funny. You say exactly what it is and get disagrees. It really isnt a game but a tech demo. It was fabricated in a way to make it look real but it was a tech demo of possibilities that the kinect could do.

Why is that so hard to accept? Do people think we are going to stay stuck in the controller based 2D world forever? That we wont have AI to interact with?

This is no skynet people but it isnt see and say either.

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MNicholas2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

People even saw the guy hiding behind a curtain controlling the Milo video game puppet.

The video with the girl was just a prerecorded video to which the actress had rehearsed. That was exposed as fake as well since in some instances the scene reacted before her movements began.

Milo was always fake.

Milo will never be real.

This is the Kinect reality:

Bounkass2784d ago

Microsoft promicess to much...

darthv722784d ago

what company doesnt do that to garner attention to their product?

It's not like they are some magic man trying to sell a bottle of elixer now is it?

AngryEnglish2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Long time reader, 1st time poster. Well Microsoft well and truly suckered me in with Milo, i had my reservations about this tech and couldn't believe you fully interact vocally with on on screen avatar like you would with a regular old human lol, like d81 says its not a game..... but it certainly was FAKE, very FAKE.

There is no chance that Kinect can allow interaction like was the case between Milo and Kate, That whole conversation was a pre-rehearsed recording to make people have the WOW factor, and i did, but not after a). Using one last night and b). the fact it was sold on utter BS.

I mean everyone knows Milo and Kate was a big factor in thinking how great the kinect was going to be.

Edit * im a 360 owner before anyone jumps on this pathetic fanboy BS, grow up*

chazjamie2784d ago

i couldnt believe it either. i was blown away by this futuristic tech that scientists and novelists havent even begun to think about.

peter m's voice was so inviting. but...ja, after i saw the nuclear family ads, i had feeling it was fake. because what does milo have to do with motion sensing sport games (i couldnt find a relation)

AngryEnglish2784d ago

Also if you watch the Milo vid with Claire or Kate or what ever her name there is one glaring fault.... look at how close the woman is stood to the Kinect unit.... like 2 feet away, and now we are hearing you need enough room to fit a POOL TABLE between you and the unit, and that is no exaggeration, me and my buddy had to move his 3 seater sofa to one side of the room lol. MILO WAS FAKE

ASSASSYN 36o2784d ago

No chance for interaction like Milo and Kate eh. Go read the article. The whole point of Milo and Kate was to create such interaction for another game called kinectimals.

AngryEnglish2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

and you go read the comments of the developer of Kinectimals saying they DID NOT USE PETER M`S MILO IN ANYWAY, you people read one thing and think its the truth lol

EDIT *** heres the link now go read and ive pasted the article also

Despite reports surfacing today, Kinectimals, the Kinect debut for Elite co-writer David Braben does not use Peter Molyneux's Milo technology, according to the developer.

Kinectimals lets users interact with a range of onscreen big cat cubs using motion, offering a new spin on the virtual pet genre. It has long been rumoured that Kinectimals uses Peter Molyneux's Milo technology. We went straight to the source for clarification.

In a NowGamer interview, Braben explained, "Yeah. I know Peter [Molyneux] very well – you know, we tease each other and that sort of thing. The projects were separate - I only saw Milo further into development. People have said Milo has very similar mechanics to this, but in a sense when you think about how the game is working… they weren’t derived from the same source shall we say."

"But we’ve discussed the way buttons select and things like that," Braben continues, "I think that’s where there’s been a lot of commonality, also with the Rare guys. Establishing the vocabulary is the important thing, because we’re all learning at the same time."

So there you have it. In the meantime, you can check out our glowing Kinectimals review here, and discuss it on our friendly

trounbyfire2784d ago

start the minority report stuff. Is sony was smart they would have launched something to show of the move and eye that microsoft hasn't shown they can do.

If microsoft comes out with a minority report or multi touch people will be all its just my hands so its cool. SONY can stop this buy being first.
ALSO how do you type with kinect holding your hand on each letter seem slow

dredgewalker2784d ago

Pedobear is gonna be sad with this news......:(

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