Blu-ray Picks Up Acer, The 3rd Largest Personal Computer Brand Worldwide

The Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) announced today that Acer Inc. will become the newest member of the BDA, joining more than 170 of the world's leading consumer electronic, computer companies and content providers. Acer is one of the three largest personal-computer brands in the world and the number one notebook brand in Europe.

"The addition of Acer provides one more sign of the growing momentum behind Blu-ray Disc and, more importantly, is a significant advantage for consumers, as it further expands the already broad options available to consumers in the personal computer space." said Victor Matsuda, chairman of the BDA's Global Promotions Committee.

"With increasing demand and expectation for richer media content, Acer is adding Blu-ray Disc technology into our notebooks and enabling users to experience high-definition content, playback and storage," said Campbell Kan, Vice President, Mobile Computing Business Unit, Acer Inc. "Acer is pleased to be joining the Blu-ray Disc Association and to continue empowering our users to benefit from the freshest technologies available."

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Bill Gates4122d ago

M$ can give another $150 milolion to Paramount if they want, but HD-DVD is not going anywhere fast.....AAhAhAHHAAHHA

But the XBOTS still have hope, and that's all that matters....AAHAHAHAA

TriggerHappy4122d ago

Two new companies just today. Accer laptops also come at a reasonably cheap price as well, this is definitely a good thing for blu-ray in the computing field.

snoop_dizzle4122d ago (Edited 4122d ago )

acer is acquiring gateway, which is a fairly big computer company in fact probably one of the big ones in the U.S.

So that means they will both have the option of bluray drives.

i have a question though, will gateway still be sold as gateway even under acer since alienware was bought by dell but alienware computers are still being made?

TriggerHappy4122d ago

Dell bought alienware ? whoa ? since when ?

power0919994122d ago

Happend back in March I believe.

This is a fairly big deal. Especially with the sheer numbers that Acer has.

Along with the Gateway Buyout.

I believe Gateway was rated 3rd in the US behind HP/Compaq, and Dell in terms of sales numbers.

thorstein4122d ago

I was wondering why Alienware went from Low Cost quality to High Cost garbage. Dell just rips people off and now they get to do it two ways.

blackrose54122d ago

So much for trying to make a comeback HD-DVD. Last thing i remember is that people usually buy the brand not the product soo you .. know whatever:D

Xbox360Fanboy4122d ago

I definitely think that Blu-ray is going to win. FOR SURE!!

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The story is too old to be commented.