Eurogamer: Fighters Uncaged Review

Eurogamer writes: "In conclusion, oh I don't know. Some sort of metaphor about this game being a feral animal which should never have been let out of its cage, and should be hunted down, shot, skinned and turned into chess sets and umbrella stands. Or to put it another way: no."

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thor2758d ago

Seems that fighting games just don't work with motion controls. It's not surprising - fighting games have you performing crazy moves you could never do in real life. Punches CONNECT to your opponent whereas if you punch the air there's no resistance. Fighting games have always been about combos, quick reflexes and mashing (or skillful use of) buttons. Fighting games are hard to play with a joystick rather than a D-pad - so making the controls even less digital and responsive was never going to be a good thing.

blacsheep2758d ago

what is kinect good for?......casual thats it.

Got mine today didnt realise its so big but it does feel expensive. Not sure if im keeping yet.

A Cupcake for Gabe2758d ago


I dont know why I never see this video anymore. This is such a great movie. And it shows that someone thought of the idea many years ago. Even in film or TV. Gene Roddenberry who created Star Trek has had tons of his TV props turned to real life techs. Cell Phones, Touchscreens.

Mr_Bun2758d ago

"Even if he does, the lag is so bad you will have either grown a beard or reached menopause by the time he gets round to it." - LOL

Even if the game is awful, it did inspire a pretty humorous review

8-bit2758d ago

Where is Omega NOW! LMAO. The not even 2 days ago he was trolling in an article about Move title The Fight and how it had a low score. I told him to just wait and I will be ready when Kinect has a low scoring title. I didn't have to wait 2 DAYS lol

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get2sammyb2758d ago

I think you're right. It's a shame really, I really want a good fighting game with motion controls, but the problems you highlight are going to be hard to overcome.

pedrami912758d ago

Not all fighting games are like Street Fighter/Guilty Gear.
I can picture a MMA game for Kinect........but i doubt it will be anything close of 1:1.

thor2758d ago

No... think of what punching actually involves. You need to CONNECT your punch with your opponent. With 1:1 controls your punch will go straight through them. With 1:1 controls their punch will not even make you flinch if you choose not to move. The whole concept of 1:1 controls in a tactile game does not make sense, unless you have a punch bag and an animatronic boxing glove. But then it's physical entertainment not digital entertainment.

The-Tentacle2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )


edit: zezo, dunno if I could have been more obvious ;P

Zezo2758d ago

Don't forget to stamp this */s*

RankFTW2758d ago

It's N4G so it can't hurt to be as obvious as possible.

cmrbe2758d ago

MS are going to bring out a Kinetic Move control with buttons. Yeah i am serious. Another add on to the already $150 kinetic.

Kain812758d ago

so you mean an Add on for an Add on...

redDevil872758d ago

"a feral animal which should never have been let out of its cage, and should be hunted down, shot, skinned and turned into chess sets and umbrella stands."

LOL epic

i've haven't seen a description of game that bad in a long time.

The real killer2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

The fight is much better in my opinion when i saw those screens and video's.

When get the fight releases?

get2sammyb2758d ago

It's out this week in Europe. Based on the Eurogamer reviews, it does sound like the Fight is the better pick if you want a motion controlled brawling game, but it seems both have serious issues.

Cloudberry2758d ago

But on topic, this score could be the lowest score I've seen from Eurogamer... : /

brstmp2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

yes,..I think The Fight could really be awesome,.. but they need to patch a few things,.. like make you a bit transparent,. and some movement stuff,.. I mean I guess you can learn that, but still..

get2sammyb2758d ago

I haven't played The Fight yet, but just reading the reviews it sounds like they got the motion controls working really well, just the actual game design gets in the way. Which is a real shame -- I hope they get chance to do a sequel.

Anyway, this discussion is for Fighters Uncaged so I'll bow out.

Bigpappy2758d ago

I haven't see much of this game, and sill reserve my full judgement on wether it is complete garbage. I have a strong feeling that it is. But there is no doubt in my mind that the fight is indeed garbage (laggy, buggy and unresponsive. Looks like developers still need to get to work at developing a good motion controlled fight game.

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