(Gameplay Video) Fallout: New Vegas Death Beam Archimedes II Fires Rays from the Sun

Paul writes, "Make like Gustav Graves from Die Another Day and use beams of super-concentrated light to kill the NCR with the Archimedes II in Fallout New Vegas. In the following video you will see the weapon restored to its former glory (previously known as Helios One) and fire off three times at the unsuspecting buggers. As you can see from the top of the structure there is some type of energy being emitted to the sky which in turn triggers the air-strike of doom to fall upon all those who stand in its path..."

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Hitman07692816d ago

This is by far one of the coolest weapons in the game!!

dkblackhawk502816d ago

Daaaaaaamn...that would blow me away...

meiamsome2816d ago

now i want a copy of this... but i keep hearing it's extremely glitchy and running on poorly programmed code from the 1800's.

Akagi2816d ago

I've only froze once on the PS3 version with 30+ hours played. (nowhere near the end of the game).

MegaMohsi2815d ago

2 pc patches and 1 each for the consoles. Nvidia also released new drivers to fix the white spot issue, I have the PC version and it hasnt froze on me once since the patch.

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The story is too old to be commented.