MS: Hybrid control 360 games coming

Eurogamer- "On the day of Kinect's US launch, Microsoft has confirmed that games that combine motion control with traditional controller input are in the works."

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PS360fanboy2480d ago

Don't you mean Wiimote?

This can be cool in racing games, for example. Steerusing the controller, looking using Kinect.

RBlaze2480d ago

Remember that bit in MW2 where you were watching the guys from your car andone open fired so you had to press a button to duck. I bet they implement that with Kinect, you'll actually need to shift a little on your sofa and 'duck' yourself. Or move out of cover like in Timesplitters in the arcade, but actually do it mid shooter to peak round walls or over cover.

I guess the concept is quite cool if it's done correctly! I'm one of those idiots who intuitively moves my head too see if I can see something by getting a slightly different angle on my TV... Lol, obviously I know it makes no difference and that I can't see anything extra by doing it, but it's just intuitive. If Kinect could allow you to move like that to slightly peek around a corner, it could be cool. And I imagine it'd be fairly easy to implement.

D4RkNIKON2480d ago

one word

Kinect is too limited and it is what the internet has been saying all along. Time for MS to back pedal, make games that use kinect as a $150 add on that essentially adds a level of motion to a controller based game similar to what sixaxis does or Move.

visualb2480d ago

wasn't this obvious? all the adulation and attention and interest is because of novelty.

great idea, badly executed.

OF COURSE you'll need the controlled, all that bad mouthing about how controllers are a thing of the past, etc, is unrealistic.

what bothers me is, ok, so Kinect ADDS to the experience...but is an ADD-ON worth 150 dollars?! =|

darthv722480d ago

if it delivers on the no controller type of games and they makes games that can use both. How is that back peddling? I call it options.

Like there are wii games that you cant play using the wiimote as a regular controller. Some you use w/chuck some w/o. There are surely going to be move games that you cant play with a ds3 just as there are some move games that can be played with a ds3.

Alternate control schemes is nothing new. MS just has to deliver on the idea of "You are the controller" and so far they have.

I would find it sort of interesting how they would make controller/kinect games. Would they resort to using some type of spherical attachment to the existing pad (plugs in where the charge/play goes). That way the kinect could track in 1.1 like move does.

Keep in mind, without that sphere on move (or move period) the pseye does not do 1.1. It is that glowing ball on top that the camera focuses on instead of the person holding it.

UltimateIdiot9112480d ago

Wiimote uses a different technology for motion tracking by IR. Move uses camera to determine the z space. So it's like Move not Wiimote.

You mean exactly like GT5 with the PSEye?

So what exactly about Kinect that is revolutionary? How did it go from players being to the controller to something like the PS Move?

Christopher2480d ago

***looking using Kinect***

You know, people say this for both PS3Eye and Kinect.

Can someone explain to me how turning your head so that you're not looking at the flat screen in front of you so that your in-game view changes as well is beneficial?

You're reducing your view of your TV screen in order to look somewhere that you now can't see as well as if you just used an analog controller to change the camera angle.

I just don't get how that would work considering looking at your TV screen head on is always the best way to see what's on it, not with your head to one side of the other.

Tomdc2480d ago

Nah mate what you do is you take the current xbox 360 remote. Whack a colourful orb on the end of it and your set. Sounds strange I know but it works! God knows where they got the idea from tho...

STiRacer2480d ago

______________________________ _______________________________ ____

pimpmaster2480d ago

theyve been working on this crap for over 2 years and just now there working on that... i call bull crap. you cant even play the joyride game without sitting down. MS fails

badz1492480d ago

if this new hybrid controller utilize Kinect, it's closer to MOVE than anything even Wiimote. but I see, M$ is starting to eat their words the 1st week Kinect is released!

Hideo_Kojima2480d ago

"This can be cool in racing games, for example. Steerusing the controller, looking using Kinect"

Just like in GT5 than?
Only difference is that the PS Eye camera is around $100 cheaper and would do the same job in this situation...

Heck even my webcam on my laptop can track my face in 3D space.

KingME2480d ago

SO when did GT5 come out? /sarcasm

Anyway, this should be cool if that made the hybrid games where you had both hands on the normal 360 controller and not some sub-controller and allowed you to use voice command and such to command troops or interact in in role playing games.

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coldfoot2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

You are sometimes the controller

Game13a13y2480d ago

or.. you are the controller with another controller

lokiroo4202480d ago

"You are the controller.....except when you want to play a real game, then the controller is the controller"

hot4play2480d ago

I hate to say "i told you so" but...

..I told you so. And it only took MS, like 1 day to change the Kinect concept.

It's the only way they can properly compete with the Wii and Move. :)

tinybigman2480d ago

i think this defeats the purpose of their mantra that YOU are the controller. makes no sense for me to even bother with this camera since nothing interests me.

Parapraxis2480d ago

People who used to bash the 6-axis features in games better take a good look at themselves before they start saying how "revolutionary and amazing" Kinect + controller games are.

Christopher2480d ago

I see this as both a good and a bad thing.

Good, Microsoft is thinking of using this technology as far as they can to enhance the gaming experience. If people want to mix motion with controller actions, they now can.

Bad, it's unlikely we'll see much diversity in gaming methods with just Kinect. It's unlikely we'll see hardcore games specific to Kinect, so it will likely be primarily for those who want to play Kinect games or use the hands-free dashboard navigation, not for hardcore gamers as a general rule.

xAlmostPro2480d ago

doesn't this go against everything they've said and are currently standing for with kinect?..

aw microsoft, when will you learn :)

stuna12480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

All in all, microsoft has just found a way to mindf¥ch people out of $150 dollars! Just think about it.

And to make matters worse sony has for the most part made this an included option in it's control setup, but you have these ignoramises infecting the blogs with their hate, talking about how the move is less than, because it doesn't supposedly have games built from the ground up utilising motion controls. Yet here we have microsoft themselves talking about adding alternate controls! Can we say gullible?

ImmortalLegend2480d ago

I kept on bringing up MS just doing a kinect/controller combo and they just ignored me and acted like it wasn't even a possibility. What more can you expect from the dumbasses on this site though?

darthv722480d ago

To whom would you be referring to? 360 users have known about this since it was announced so I would assume you are meaning PS3.

In any case, I dont see why it would be hard to accept this concept. Some are up in arms and claiming MS is back peddling when they arent. If they deliver games where you are the controller then they are spot on their statement. This is just another option.

blackpanther252480d ago

i remember you talking about this for a hot minute(slang for meaning for a while if anybody didn't know).

Parapraxis2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

"they just ignored me and acted like it wasn't even a possibility." Really? well, I'm glad I'm on your side.

"Parapraxis + 309d ago

I expect any developer using Natal for a game like Half-life (FPS) or Gears (TPS) to use Natal in conjunction with the xbox360 controller, giving the user much better reaction time when firing/moving about as well as becoming immersed in the game via gestural movements. "

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52pickup2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

Didn't take them long to back pedal did it?

So much for "You are the controller" and "Controllers are too restrictive".

SixZeroFour2481d ago

guess kinect isnt allowed to do both huh?

Godmars2902480d ago

When they've been touting "you are the controller" and attacking Wii and Move for nearly two years, they sort of lose points.

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ryuzu2480d ago

^^It removes the purpose of Kinect.

How much body can you do when your hands are both on a controller?

You don't need a $150 web cam for what small movements remain when a $15 one would do.


Biggest2480d ago

Just because you didn't see it doesn't mean it didn't happen. Microsoft said many times that controllers are too restrictive and that the other guys are living in the past. They also said, advertised, and promoted the "You Are the Controller" mantra. So much for innovation. Maybe they'll "improve" the controller in the same way they "improved" the PSEye (Higher price tag, more promises).

Godmars2902480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

Will probably depend on weather or not by hybrid controller they mean using a regular one, or a new one that will have to be bought and can only be used with hybrid games.

If you think about it, Move is the hybrid controller for the PSeye, which itself is a poorly supported motion controller.