Gamereactor: Kinect Joy Ride

Jonas Elfving writes: "As in other Kinect games the camera is used to snap photos of you while you play that you can look at after each race. It's comedy of the unfortunate kind. After my trail run I laughed out loud to the picture of me in my living room, with outstretched arms and a completely blank and bored face. As far away from the happy families you find in Microsoft's archive of press photos.

“Let your body become one with the car” is what Microsoft say of Kinect Joy Ride. The result is the exact opposite – I cannot remember the last time I felt this distanced from a game. Some games simply require something to hold on to."

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Ilikegames762632d ago

That's a low score and the complain is still the lag in game play.

sku7790tz2632d ago

another "rail" game. who would enjoy that?