Gran Turismo 5: Loading Times, New Gameplay Footage

A new Gran Turismo 5 video shows some new gameplay footage and loading times.

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steve30x2511d ago

That site seems to find the GT5 videos a lot more than GTPlanet does.

FighterJoe2511d ago

No, they just like to scavenge old videos and post them as new.

steve30x2511d ago

Im getting really fed up of idiots Disagreeing with the truth on here.

Steve_02511d ago

If you're wondering who disagreed, it was me. No one disagrees with the truth on this site, and so you're not getting really fed up with it.


steve30x2511d ago

Yes I am getting really fed up with it. I wish they would remove the agtree / disagree thing.

BubloZX2510d ago

just for laughs steve30x

buffig2511d ago

isnt this an old video from the best buy demo?

Sackdude2511d ago

Take about 20-25 seconds


Bereaver2511d ago

Hah, it will be lower than that.

2511d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.