Inno3D GeForce GTX 580 Pictured

Here's perhaps the first picture of an NVIDIA partner-branded GeForce GTX 580 graphics card, this one coming from Inno3D.

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Newtype2692d ago

Wait for an EVGA version. Inno3D sucks.

toaster2692d ago

Agreed, Inno3D is a lesser known brand and doesn't have the support that top tier brands like EVGA has. I'd actually get an MSI branded card since they usually have really good customer support.

Thecraft19892691d ago

I think the best one is the diamond known as the KAf2 in Europe there cards are always top notch and there gtx470 can be overclocked 30%+what its already OCed.

EVga are good but tend to be bit overpriced compared other manufactures.

ProjectVulcan2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Asus leaked clocks put GTX580 @ 772mhz core and 4008mhz memory. Havent seen shader clocks. However its no coincidence that the ones we know are pretty much 10 percent higher than GTX480, so an educated guess for shader clocks would be around 1550mhz. With 512 shaders and 64TMUs then GTX580 would be around 15 percent faster than GTX480.

TABSF2691d ago

On the Fermi architecture the Shader speed is always double the engine speed, they are no longer link or unlink-able


My GTX 460 @ 850MHz/ 1700MHz/ 4200MHz
My GTX 460 @ 900MHz/ 1800MHz/ 4250MHz

So GTX 580 @ 772MHz/ 1544MHz/ 4008MHz

gillri2692d ago

errm ok dont care, this is for the PC hardware whores

stopped caring about latest tech when I realised that devleopers never take full advantage of it

which is why I love console, push the hardware developers!!

ultramoot2692d ago

Congrats for posting that you don't care about PC hardware in an article about PC hardware. You totally didn't make yourself look stupid at all. /s

steve30x2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

@gillri -1 bubble vote for trolling.

imvix2691d ago


Its amusing that you dont care. If this progress is stopped or if any of these companies ever go out of business. Where will the next console come from?

PC gaming hardware is required element to the sustainance of this entire industry. Hoping that no one cares for it is like hoping for the death of the industry? Would any gamer PC or Console really want that? You honestly dont want Microsoft or Sony to develop a GPU. It would cost them Billions of $ and they still might not get it right. Think about the losses they already make without having to design a GPU themselves.

Letros2692d ago

Brick, do you really love console, or are you just saying that because you don't have a gaming PC?

gillri2691d ago

you disagree with developers pushing the hardware? jeez PC gaming has really gone down the pan if this is their attitude

ct032691d ago

Nobody is "pushing" any hardware these days. We'll have to wait for the next console cycle because this one's been at its limit for a while.

kneon2691d ago

High graphics cards are for more than just gaming. 3D modeling, CAD, video and photo processing etc. can often use all the horsepower you can afford to throw at them.

AKS2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

The more people who buy this because it's the latest and greatest, the cheaper 460s will be for me. I'm hoping it causes prices of cards it replaces to drop significantly.

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steve30x2692d ago

It looks like they have a bigger blower on that towards the 480 which would possibly make it quieter.

Dan_GREENwalt2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

all pc gpu's combined can't outdo the visuals or the gameplay of the DEFINITIVE graphical greatness that is forza motorsports on the original xbox

branchedout2691d ago

You know, I think there's a point where you just buy a graphics card this expensive... to buy a graphics card this expensive.

I bought my GTX 460 from EVGA not too long ago for around $240. It's much cheaper now (I spied a deal where you could snag one by MSI for $170! The 1GB version too!).

But, I consider that all the graphics card I'll need for a long, long time.
Developers aren't pushing hardware good enough with respect of how much more the hardware that comes out CAN push.

The people who want to buy this, probably have a top of the line card already that cost them $3-400+ This card will probably give a mere 10 FPS at best more than their last card. And at this point in time, the only game that gives trouble is Metro 2033 on max. Turn off one setting, and it's completely playable on other cards.

There's a point in time where it's just too much!
I even think my GTX 460 is too much for my needs at times. I throw games on max settings at 1680 x 1050 and they play smoothly. Of course, I overlocked it because it was easy. Like... Really easy. If you can click and hold a slider and slide it to the right, and punch in 4 numbers, then you can overclock a graphics card.

But I rant. To wrap it up: These cards at these prices should be ignored by anyone but extreme enthusiasts.

im-12-years-old2691d ago

460 in sli best thing to happen to the pc

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