Level-5 Outlines White Knight Chronicles 2 Plans

Andriasang: Major updates coming through next year.

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Newtype2691d ago

Man, taking so long to release this game...hope it isn't 2 years like the first one.

Redempteur2690d ago

they already srtaed recording the voice for the 2nd time so it'll be AT MOST 1 year between the 2 releases

Quagmire2691d ago

Apparantely, When you buy WKC2, you get the first game too. Wouldnt mind picking it up if it gets international release.

akiraburn2690d ago

Yes, he's correct. In addition to getting the first game, it's also been touched up so that the first game has all the tweaks that the second game has (such as faster combat, better AI, etc). It's very cool stuff, and I hope we get the same treatment for this game outside of Japan.

Omegabalmung2690d ago

Man cant wait for it to come out in NA.

rdgneoz32690d ago

Yah, loved the first one, can't wait for the 2nd to come to NA.

ranma68992690d ago

it seems sony keeping alot game to japan oly not bring to amaerica ,then they making excuses. level 5 making new stuff for japan ,but if i where them i been working on america and erupe game to but no they making better for japan ,time we get they raise the prices on those avatr for our avatar

THE TRUTH2690d ago

This game was/is surprisingly my favorite rpg of this generation. It was like getting two games for the price of one. The single player was bland until the end but it was fun because you could take your character online from singleplayer seamlessly. I'm really ready to dig into WKC2 but honestly I want until at least may so I can enjoy all the games coming out. GT5 LBP2 Infamous 2 mass effect 2 killzone 3 ect.

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