Love Plus, Metal Gear Boost Konami Earnings

Andriasang: Company sees gains over last year as PS3 and PSP become its dominant platforms.

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Newtype2785d ago

I like Love Plus, the manga adaptations are pretty good stories.

Cloudberry2785d ago

Out of 3, I love Manaka best.

Nante... <3

Buffniceguy2785d ago

Gj Konami you deserve it it's good to see a classy company this gen.

Peppino72785d ago

MGS is the greatest series. I hope they never stop making them, but please don't stray away from your fundamental experience.

Rayz3d6yW0lves2785d ago

And metal gear sells 1.5 million. An amazing feat on its own until you factor in the install base. Highest selling game is 7 million for gta

Perkel2785d ago

130 mln of PS2 and not even a mln of ico or SOTC ?

Piracy Piracy Piracy...