Enslaved sales disappoint

M2G Writes:

Sometimes the classics go unseen, with people only picking them up when they realise what they have missed (look at ICO for example), we hope people realise the error of their ways soon, because Enslaved deserves to be played

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sinncross2632d ago

if DmC fails to bring in the sales as well (though name alone should get it to at least adequate DMC-esque levels)then Ninja Theory could have a problem.

darkdoom30002631d ago

Not nessicerly. Majority of DMC fans are pissed at what NT have done to dmc.

Quagmire2631d ago

Really? What have they done to piss the fans off?

breakdancefight2631d ago

They took 80's hair metal cliche' and turned him 2010 emo cliche'?

Information Minister2631d ago

@ Quagmire - I hope this answers your question:

Godmars2902631d ago

Unless the whole thing is a chain yank by Capcom.

Though if they are doing crap like that I have to start calling them Crapcom.

2631d ago
captain-obvious2631d ago

well then Ninja Theory should just file bankruptcy and close doors since im sure that new DMC is not going to do well too

after 2 not-selling-well games
and the 3rd is coming, i dont know if they can hold on much longer

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PS360fanboy2631d ago

I don't know how Ninja Theory keeps getting contracts for AAA games when all they do bombs, despite the high quality=/

Death24942631d ago

Heavenly Sword sold 1.5 million(ps3 exclusive), and Enslaved sold 150k (multiplatform).What am i missing here?

breakdancefight2631d ago

Heavenly Sword was on every television and movie screen pretty much in the world. And with the yet again slim selection of the PS3 launch window it sold do too great adverstising and lack of anything to play on the system. Namco/Bandai did little to no advertising for Enslaved. Mixed with lackluster pre-launch reviews people were just not interested in Enslaved.

darkdoom30002631d ago

wow. thats REALLY low numbers for enslaved!
Looks like multiplat doesnt automatically give more sales.

One thing exclusives get you is better hype. Infamous would have been overlooked by me if it wasnt exclusive. Same with resistance, modnation and motorstorm.

pixelsword2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

That theoretically burning the PS3 fanbase they established through potentially bad interviews before releasing a game on the infamous Unreal engine, which made their game look inferior to a game they put out three years ago, and then expect the same sales numbers is a might, how shall I say, unwise for them to do?

nycredude2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

I bought the game on launch and am about 6 hours in. the game is very different. It has a mix of platforming and combat (about 70/30). The story is good the platforming is very good but the combat is lame as hell. I don't know what happened cause Heavenly Sword combat was much more fluid and better overall. The art design is nice but the graphics leave alot to be desired. Any site who says the graphics real good are blind. There is screen tear galore, serious texture streaming issues, and slow down during intense scenes.

Also the gameplay gets repetitive after a few hours, animations during some cutscenes are baked and used way to much (such as when monkey lifts a piece of junk to let trip through so they can go to the next level). It happens over and over. After the initial wow of the game it wears off and the only thing carrying it is the story, which is good.

I would say the game is at best between 7.5-80.

If ever there was an example of how U3 is dated look no further. This game isn't as good looking or running that Heavenly Sword, which is like at leas 3 years old now. Oh it's also an inferior game to Heavenly Sword.

jetlian2631d ago

missing a ps3 with no real games and a launch window.

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himdeel2631d ago

...bitching about Heavenly Sword and developing on the ps3. Because if sales are any indication they cannot develop for 360 either. Anyway I don't feel bad for them because all they spent more time complaining about old games and technical difficulties more than they did they're new IP. Likewise I agree with hose on the three who said the game wasn't advertised, being multiplat took a lot of the steam away from the game, and when HS released on ps3 a smaller variety of games helped pushed sales of that game. Makes me wonder what they'll bitch about before changing Dante back. I don't believe NT can afford another hit like this inthere next game.

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cmrbe2631d ago

is big fat fail. Whoever wrote this needs to be shot.

Active Reload2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

If you didn't understand the comparison, then no, that person doesn't need to be shot, but I know who does...

Active Reload2631d ago

If you didn't understand the comparison then, no, that person doesn't need to be shot, but I know who does...

Baka-akaB2631d ago

he understood it perfectly and the right way .

Lumping ico and other underrated gem is an insult to those games .

Enslaved is a decent , good even game , but is in no way something people will remember in the coming years , like Ico , beyond good and evil etc

raztad2631d ago

ico=masterpiece. a must play
enslaved=good game. can be skipped for lord of shadow

Jdoki2631d ago

Agree with Active Relaod.

And just to spell it out... The author is not saying that Enslaved and ICO are equal games. The author is saying that some games slip under the radar for some reason. Another game I'd add to the list is Psychonaughts - not a classic by any means, but a criminally overlooked game.

ICO was totally overlooked at launch, and sold in low numbers. I would wager that a huge number of people on N4G who shout that ICO is such a classic probably never played it until the re-issue; or have just jumped on the bandwagon.

Baka-akaB2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

N4g didnt brand ico as a classic ... pretty much everyone (who should have bought and play it) did back then , and now keeps doing it .

It's just the value of cult classics , which at least get some recognition , even if too late .

Again , my opinion is that while good , Enslaved wont be regarded as a timeless classic in the future like those games . It will be drown in memories amidst a sea of decent to good titles

Games like Ico , deus ex and a few others , not only pushed gaming as an artform , but also added so much in the gameplay experience and spectrum

Double Toasted2631d ago

No one gives a damn about your opinion except maybe the circle jerking recruits in your circle, lol.

cmrbe2631d ago

Its a one of a kind. Enslave is cut from the same mould as every other game.

To compare both games sales situation is utter and completely stupid. This is what i take offence with.

ICO is a cult classic, once a generation classic but its sales expectations were always low right from the beginning. Why?. Because Sony never expected it to register with the mass Shoot,kill,die, rinse and repeat mass gamers. Sony and Ueda right from the beginning was aiming for something completely different with ICO similar to HR and DS to some extent this gen. All of us that followed ICO right from the beginning knew this right from the start.

Now by saying that Enslave is somehow in the same category as ICO is insinuating that ICO was a commercial flop like Enslave is which is fu*king insulting.

If you are going to use comparisons then you should at least know what the hell you are talking about.

fuckoffodion2631d ago

Apparently you do. A-hole!

Jdoki2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

Jeez, there's some people in this thread who seriously don't have a clue.

No one is saying Enslaved is as good as ICO, or even that it may one day be considered a classic.

Is ICO a game worth playing = Yes
Did ICO launch to low sales = Yes

Is Enslaved worth playing = Yes
Did Enslaved release to low sales = Yes

Same for Psychonaughts, Beyond Good and Evil and many other games

We're not comparing the games - simply the factors of their release.

But if we're talking about ICO's 'classic' status... ICO was not a cult classic on launch - it became a cult classic. It wasn't even considered a classic at launch by many reviews or gamers. And that had nothing to do with the run 'n gun type of gamers around at the time - as the PS2 had the most diverse number of genres available and the most diverse audience, so that doesn't fly at all.

ICO is my #1 (or #2) fave game, even above Ocarina of time, Mario 64 and SotC - but I'm not getting all huffy because someone compared Enslaved slow sales but high fun factor to ICO's.

jetlian2631d ago

titan battles in lords of shadow are anything to go buy sotc is wack and ico looks wack too. nothing masterpiece worthy in either of those games. and i'll be saying this when last guardian comes out too.

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breakdancefight2631d ago

I wholeheartedly agree. The only comparisons would be leading another character to safety for the duration of the game. ICO said more in silence than every perfectly motion captured/ voice acted scene of Enslaved.

BillOreilly2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

I believe enslaved is as good as ico and far more underrated. Nobody cared about ico i bought it for 4 dollars off ebay. Everyone who played it and said it was pretty good nothing special until sotc came out and became the cult icon it is now. Half the people who talk about it never played it, i loved it but its not as good as sotc which i got at launch. Enslaved is a very good game. It will be considered overlooked and underapreciated like ico was, passed up by everybody.

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wotta2631d ago

It was just saying ICO failed to sell and is now seen as a classic, as will enslaved, which is an awesome game.

Have you played Enslaved?

Quagmire2631d ago

I love enslaved, much better than God-Of-Vania and Vanquick.

big_silky2631d ago

i'd say that's a triforce of awesomeness right there, my 3 favorite games this year

Baka-akaB2631d ago

i love movies too , but they dont cost 60 bucks

chazjamie2631d ago

lol. i cant believe this game is already in the bargain bin. i will wait a few more days, look for some coins in between the seats of my car and buy me something to eat. i will buy the game from the change i get from that meal.

Voiceofsoi2631d ago

Enslaved does not need to be played. It needs to be watched. The combat and platforming design is terrible. There is no challenge on any difficulty and on top of that, the game is completely unfinished. No game that modulates between 5 and 30 FPS can be called finished. What's good about Enslaved is the drama and the relationship between Trip and Monkey. This was originally supposed to be a movie before it was a game, and it should have been, because the gameplay is really shoe-horned in.

MorganX2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

You've finished on hard (hard is for hardcore) and have all the trophies then?

Ether2631d ago

The problem with Enslaved is that though it's a great EXPERIENCE, it doesn't attain the same level of success with it's GAMEPLAY.