MSNBC: Xbox Kinect Review: It's surprisingly fun

MSNBC: "The Xbox 360 joins the motion control universe but can it compete with the Wii and the PlayStation Move?'s Todd Kenreck reviews the game."

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ElementX2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

"It isn't as precise as playstation Move"

Right there! That's coming from MSNBC! I'm so sick of haters on N4G saying CNet and MSNBC cater their reviews to 360 because it's MS owned.... Just because a company is a division of another larger corporation doesn't mean their reviews are paid off and skewed.

ConanOBrien2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

still a gamepad for hardcore precise gaming. The casuals don't see lags a big big deal, only fangirls do. Thanks for the reminder

DORMIN2815d ago

This review is surprisingly obvious.

NecrumSlavery2815d ago


I guess I am a fangirl cause I want my product to work properly. Casual does't mean you settle for mediocre.

T9X692815d ago

To be fair NecrumSlavery, you don't own a 360 :P

gigaware2815d ago

"It isn't as precise as playstation Move"
I love it when people say that.

Move isn't doing half the the things kinect is doing so no surprise there. Kinect sells because people know Move is just part of a 2D camera tracking two points vs full body motion in 3D

kasasensei2815d ago

Stop lying. Please. Move is tracking your movements perfectly in 3d, just try it. And apologize.

theoneb2815d ago

Play that game then get back to me about 3D space. Kinect will never I repeat never have a game like this or anything that needs precision.

Clarence2815d ago

How can honestly say that with videos out like this

ElementX2815d ago

I'm not dissing Kinect, I'm just saying that a MS owned company can provide non-biased reviews.

Abriael2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

admitting the obvious hardly counts as "non-biased review" when the reviewer is obviously scrambling to find every little positive thing to say about Kinect to shed some positive light in what seems more and more like a pitch black picture.
Also, the tone of that sentence clearly says "it's not as precise as playstation move, but it isn't important, come on! it's fun! It's as precise as the wii!".

Darkstorn2815d ago

As of 2005, MSNBC was not owned by Microsoft anymore., however, is a shared ownership between NBC and Microsoft.

KratosGirI2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

People who think that a reviewer is biased just because it's part of their parent company's product are delusional.

While I don't care about Kinect since it's not for me, people who scream ZOMG TEH BIAS! just because of the site/company/etc is stupid.

visualb2815d ago

just because MicroSoft Networks states an OBVIOUS FACT, it doesn't mean there's proof they they are always absolutely unbiased...

seriously fanboys are horrible but to sink to their level of extremes is equally retarded

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darkdoom30002815d ago

Question: Why does it have a wii tag?

brstmp2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

MSN?? are they not MICROSOFT?,..

Not es precise as Move? you gotta be fucking kidding me?!,.. It is light years away by definition,.. its a damn 3d eyetoy,..

xg-ei8ht2815d ago

Seriously dude, you should be working for M$ unless you do already?

If not. Get kinect cheap from M$ and flog them.

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