Globe And Mail: Microsoft’s Kinect sets new standard for motion control

Globe And Mail:"But aching muscles may well be a price worth paying. My family had a lot of fun with several of the games we tried. My daughter adored a pet training game called Kinectimals that let her reach into the air to touch and play with beautifully rendered tiger and lion cubs. And I enjoyed the natural movements involved in Dance Central – a booty-shaker from the folks behind Rock Band that has players learning real dance moves that incorporate their entire bodies."

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aviator1892757d ago

Lol...your comments on all of these kinect review articles consist of the same exact thing.

EasilyTheBest2757d ago

...thanks for pointing out the Engadget Review.
Are you having a Tantrum?
Reviews for Kinect so far must be a complete nightmare for fanboys like you.
Ten months ago you were moaning about how rubbish Kinect was so much we were all expecting 0 or 1 or 2 out of 10s.

Dont tell me, Microsoft is bribing them all.
The fanboys should take a month off this site I think.

DiRtY2757d ago

Awesome review. Great to see Kinect really works!

Cyrus3652757d ago

Some site say it good, some saying it isn't...