Wolverton: Kinect doesn't quite connect for me

Kinect, which goes on sale today, is a sophisticated camera and sensor system that allows users to play games by just making motions in front of their TV screen or by speaking commands.

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ConanOBrien2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

Sorry to rain on your desperate Move parade...

I thought the hardcores were hectic spending a lot of time playing on Move? If you're happy with Move, you shouldn't need to concern much about Kinect.

Something doesn't feel rite there.

nix2814d ago

your comment may be?

Red_Orange_Juice2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

and your avatar, and your name, and your post history, and your amount of bubbles

vhero2814d ago

Engadget is best review I seen yet it's very honest and points out where it goes wrong and what it does really well rather than banging on about new tech etc.. A good read..

Death24942814d ago

and the bad review are acommeth (14th century talk aka coming).

SonyOwnsNextYear2814d ago

much like everything else related to the 360, the kinect, has massively underdelivered on its promise(HYPE)

Sweeper_2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

Lmao at this clown spamming that on every Kinect article.The sweet smell of damage control

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vhero2814d ago

"You can't use Kinect to navigate the Xbox's main screen. Instead, Microsoft has created a special Kinect area with only a handful of applications and options. Many popular features or settings are unavailable. If you want to access the Xbox Live marketplace, watch a movie on Netflix or log into Facebook on the Xbox 360, you need to grab your controller."

For a console that prides itself on Live integration I am surprised MS didn't allow Kinect/Live too connect with each other..

J_Cob2814d ago

Seriously. They made such a big deal about navigating with the Kinect at E3. Pretty lame stuff.

FordGTGuy2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

Of course live connects to Kinect, you can use Zune Music & Video marketplace, Windows Live Messenger Video chat, Last.FM, ESPN 3 and all the friends and chatting features on Xbox Live.

I love how you guys are talking about it like your stating facts and you haven't even messed with it.

Navigating with Kinect is pretty damn fun and has a very very minority report feel to it.

FordGTGuy2814d ago

PS3 fanboys are butthurt, yes I own Kinect and yes I know what it works with. You would think that if Move was so great you wouldn't be sitting here wasting your time trolling a Kinect article...

Haha... wow just sad....

White-Sharingan2814d ago

it's's ok....everything will be alright, shhhh.

stuna12814d ago

The xbox zealots had been talking about kinects as if it was the second coming of jesus christ! But sad to say it can't be even considered the fifth or sixth coming, lol. Oh how ye balloon hath been popped!

FragMnTagM2814d ago

Shouldn't even comment about it. I bought one last night and the kids love it. I had fun playing it it with them as well. It works in complete darkness save for the light of the TV. It works in extremely well lit environment as well. The lag is not an issue like everyone likes to point out. In fact, it has more to do with you not reacting quick enough as you are not used to using your body as a controller. Once you get it down, it is a seamless experience.

Still don't get why the people that are not using it nor intend to are the most negative and vocal about it. Why the agenda? Move is awesome remember? Why not go talk about that...

Pennywise2814d ago

"In testing Kinect applications and games, I often found myself bouncing back and forth between using gestures, my voice or even the traditional controller, not because I wanted to, but because certain screens would demand that I interact with them in particular ways. The result was that the interface was a frustrating mess."

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jjmustoe2814d ago

looks like move wins for quality

gillri2814d ago

whether it get 3/5's or 4/5's I dont think it matters for sales, review at worst are average and I know that customers here in the UK will lap this up as the must-have 'Xmas toy'

I think Microsoft with the re-branding of the 360 are onto a winner here, even though im more interested in the PS Move as you can use that with the core titles

sku7790tz2814d ago

i think kinect was not thought about thoroughly. how can microsoft overlook this. If the majority of reviewers aren't recognize properly, then it's safe to say that they rushed this device into production and release it very early.

they should have still do a lot of works and research for it. the technology is not yet really there as promised.

FragMnTagM2814d ago

It recognizes me, my kids, my wife and signs in the appropriate avatar even in complete darkness except for the light of the TV. If you know how to follow instructions, it is simple.

On top of that, just for kicks I tried it in the kids bedroom. There is only six feet of space in there and it works fine. I put a bunch of toys on the ground still worked. The only thing that messed with it was when more than two people were on the screen during a game.

Don't even know why I am wasting my time, you guys have a one track mind anyway.

BrianG2814d ago

Some other reviews beg to differ. There is one on here thats about 9 minutes long. The whole time hes setting up Kinect and talking about its features, and it doesn't recognize him once when trying to do face tracking. And his room isn't completely dark.

He was also 6'1" and had to adjust the camera, which readjusted itself after trying to do the face recognition, which didn't work.

Just because you have a good experience doesn't mean everbody does. So don't call it BS. Living room space and lighting are different for everyone.

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