PS3 GRAW fronts up to 360 Version

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 has been doing the round on 360 for a while now. But the latest addition of the franchise has gone back to base, tooled up, and come out smelling of napalm for its PS3 debut.

"The PS3 version comes with new co-op modes, loads of new multiplayer maps and it even makes use of the SixAxis. An Xbox 360 port it may be, but it's the best tactical shooter we've played in ages. Top stuff."

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achira4121d ago

they improved a lot since the demoe!

tplarkin74121d ago

That is not a quote from the article! The only part that matches it is this: "An Xbox 360 port it may be, but it's the best tactical shooter we've played in ages. Top stuff."

Hatchetforce4121d ago

And it is incorrect since it isn't a port. They used 360 art assets but one of the reasons they didn't wind up with a crappy game is because it was developed on it's own for the PS3. I have both versions. The PS3 has a slow down or two in some situations with smoke but graphically it easily tops the 360 version in SP and MP. Of particular note besides graphics is the use of the PS3's great ability to handle particle effects and physics.

WafflesID4121d ago

Port = Use existing assests and existing code base and rewrite what is necessary to run on different system. Add system specific enhancements if time permits.

This is a port. But thats not a bad thing. It's a very well done and enhanced port.

PS3 owners are in for a treat. It is definately worth getting.

Blackfrican4120d ago

I am waiting for Graw 3, I mean Americas Army for my playstation 3. Ever since the first Ghost recon, they never have a lasting appeal(Wolfenstein, Halo, Halo 2, Rainbow Six 3 original, Call of duty 2)

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RadientFlux4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

good news they did have an extra few months, hopefully more developers do this. I just hope that Free Radical does the same with Haze, instead of a lazy port. ;)

@Scythesean : I was talking about when Free Radical ports the game to x360

Scythesean4121d ago

Haze was made on the PS3 first not the 360, Haze is made for the PS3 from the ground up. Not Porting

i Shank u4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

not true Scythesean. it was announced for 360/ps3 from the beginning and remained so for almost a year/maybe even more until it was announced to be "exclusive" to ps3. all signs point to a timed exclusive

SuperSaiyan44121d ago

The game is like half a year old, been there done that, so whilst PS3 gamers get to play the old stuff 360 gamers are playing BIOSHOCK.

WaggleLOL4121d ago

LOL! Bioshock! That's that crappy fps that with a giant marketing budget.

rhood0224121d ago

we'll see if you still think that way when VF 5 (october), UT or Haze hit the 360 next year.

Hatchetforce4121d ago

Oh really? Did you also play all of the maps, modes and weapons on the PS3 version? Another fanboy...I hate 'em.

WafflesID4121d ago

uhm, thats the point of getting a console. NOTHING gets old.

Graphic capabilities on a system don't change, so if the 360 has been out for 5 years and you just get one and pick up's the same excellent experience that it was when it first came out.

Bleah. Fanboys.

Ju4121d ago

Strange that they are still selling the 360 version as well, ah. RB6V is even out since 39 weeks. Would you forward your statement to a 360 forum, please. thx. Guess all the 360 bots buying that version now are also idiots. Why haven't they bought it 6 weeks ago.

sticky doja4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

What new modes and maps are in the PS3 version that aren't in the 360 version?

Edit: Thanks, didn't know that, although the 360 version has those maps as a free download, don't get the weapons though that I know of. If they are better than the SCAR LCQC or M468-SD I am jealous.

Hatchetforce4121d ago


There are 8 new SP weapons. Notibly in the movement is the ability for Mitchell to do a dodge side shoulder roll and come up kneeling.

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HeartlesskizZ4121d ago

Im not sure if i should get it since is UBI and last port(RBSV) was pretty much trash. Anyboy play it online her? if so please let us know ur impresions from the game thanks

Scythesean4121d ago

Online kicks a$$ and the mics work great. I was up playing it the other night for 5 hours. Great game! I traded in RB6:V and got this game and I have to say it was well worth it. RB6 doesn't hold a candle to this game.

HeartlesskizZ4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

thanks, I need it to know since the demo did not show much for me.

Scythesean4121d ago

nah man the demo was crap compared to the real deal. The game is awesome, I'm having panic attacks from not getting my fix last night. lol I played warhawk last night but I wanted to play both but didn't have time.

Ju4121d ago

Does Graw2 even use the same engine as RB6:V ? RB6V runs Unreal Engine 3, does Graw2 as well ?
It was at least said, that the Graw2 PS3 team didn't port the 360 engine but was writing it from scratch. RB6V was a port, Graw2 is not.

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SuperSaiyan44121d ago

Those games are designed for shooter pads like the Xbox controller the PS3 controller is the worst pad for a top shooter like UT3.

The REAL console version will be released on the Xbox 360.

But I can tell you this much the 360 version wont be out 6months later...

thereapersson4121d ago

Before you continue to make ignorant statements, let me remind you of something. Numerous previews have all stated that HAZE controls surprisingly smooth and efficient for being on the PS3 pad, and Unreal Tournament III supports mouse and keyboard on the PS3 therefore eliminating this game from the argument altogether.

But I suppose you'll continue to crapflood articles with your nonsensical anti-Sony BS, so it doesn't really matter what I say here...

xionpunk4121d ago

All previews have said that the ps3 pad has been great and optimized very well for ut3.Besides, it has mouse and keyboard support so who needs a controller?

i Shank u4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

while i agree with saiyan about the playstation controller not being as good for FPS and other games(guess i have big hands? feels too small), if i had a ps3 i would undoubtedly get it on that, i think sony allowing mouse and keyboard, open mod system etc. is sic; why MS does not is retarded. come on saiyan, i love my 360 too but i dont have all that MS dust in my eyes, callin 360 version the REAL console one

thereapersson4121d ago

He is just as delusional as the rest of the 360 fanboys in thinking that this "PS3 vs. 360 inferiority complex" will continue to the end of time. It's already showing signs of getting better, and we're not even at the 1 year mark yet. Not only that, but most developers haven't even started utilizing the CELL's capabilities; when they get the hang of things, games will look amazing.

SofaKingReetodded4121d ago

the controls on Resistance fall of man actually made playing an FPS on a console controller A JOY!!!!!

can't say that about the 3FIXME and it's ugly looking brick.

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