CVG: Kinect Joy Ride Review

In Joy Ride, you'll very quickly begin to begrudge your on-screen persona. They demonstrate a very different experience to the person in control: Not only do they get to sit down whilst you have to pointlessly support your weight throughout - but they're constantly smiling, too. After an hour in Joy Ride's company, it's highly unlikely you'll be doing the same.

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Troll_Police2692d ago

Any real potential Joy Ride has, though, is dampened by that frankly ridiculous control system. You never get used to not holding a wheel, making it hard to avoid overlapping your wrists - and confusing your vehicle - during pressurised corner taking.

The fact you have to stand up throughout is a joke; not least because your feet, knees and thighs have absolutely no role to play in proceedings - and yet any attempt to play sitting down will send the send the menu screen into frenzy.

Add in the fact that your 'wheel' is so very sensitive that it's near impossible to accurately anticipate where your vehicle is going to end up at each corner - and that there's no brake option to rectify any wrong turns - and you have to wonder why anyone would choose to play not only Joy Ride but any Kinect racer over a controller-based alternative. (A Kinect-friendly Forza is on the horizon. We are fearful.)

Denethor_II2692d ago

Damn, I'll just have to get GT5 instead!