Kotaku: Your Shape: Fitness Evolved Review

Kotaku: At last, I have a way to exercise in front of my TV without any contraptions near my body but still with a way to get yelled at if my form is bad. No joke: Your Shape: Fitness Evolved has the potential to be a huge breakthrough in home fitness.

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rebirthofcaos2817d ago

for real exercice go to the gym.

punkpop1012817d ago

Yeah.And the Gym is the Move right ps3 fanboys?

visualb2817d ago

the gym is the gym :


big_silky2817d ago

if you want a dil buy a dil, not a controller disguised like one.

got bored with move pretty quick, huh?

chazjamie2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

yeah. i am not sure how weight training will work. its great if you enjoy this kind of "cardio".

its an expensive addition to your training, trust me training dAILY becomes monontonous over a few months. almost anything will do. but i doubt i will start exercising at home, maybe when i am no longer a student.

@visualb: i need a set up like that, all it needs is a squash court and pool, then i am pretty sure i will never leave my house.

hmmmm2817d ago

Squash is awesome! I play all the time but it's lost its popularity in Australia unfortunately...

AAACE52817d ago

Most people wouldn't mind going to a gym and working out, but lots of people are too busy to do so. And let's not forget the most important thing, being that a lot of people are embarrased of their appearance to be seen in the gym!

Being in a gym kinda makes you feel bad when you're out of shape. When you go in there and see slim sexy women and steroided looking guys... it can be a bit discouraging to the typical individual!

Games like these are meant to give people some kind of exercise and overall just get them active! You say go to the gym, but they weren't doing that before, so maybe this will help!

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patterson2817d ago

A better workout is moving all of your furniture out of the way just to operate Kinect lol.

Shackdaddy8362817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

I never feel right when I play these exercising games. I got one for the wii once to see what it was about and it just felt like I wasnt doing anything.

I feel much better going to the gym, running a couple of laps, lifting some weights, and then playing some basketball for a little while. Its a lot funner to me also. And I feel really good after.

Denethor_II2817d ago

Why did we have to wait for a public release before these titles were reviewed?

2817d ago
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