Destructoid: Your Shape: Fitness Evolved Review

If you have the space and the inclination for getting a decent workout in your living room, Your Shape: Fitness Evolved delivers. With calorie counting and progress tracking tied to the online “Your Shape Center” (and even social networks like Facebook), it’s also a good motivator. It’s not likely that Your Shape will or should replace an actual in-the-gym routine, but it’s a great supplement and a step in the right direction for the more sedentary gamers among us.

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gigaware2759d ago

I will be picking this up

PS360fanboy2759d ago

What!? AN 8? From Destructoid? To a fitness game?! What's happening?!

Bigpappy2759d ago

They have been very negative towards Kinect.

aviator1892759d ago

An 8/10 is negative to you?

BYE2759d ago

They should have let Jim Sterling do the review ^^

VenomProject2759d ago

Yeah, let's see how well Kinect stacks up with ol' Jimmy doing the review.

ElementX2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

Jimmy (who I like to call Gabe Jr.) couldn't even get past the intro of a workout game. He'd be working up a sweat just entering his height/weight.

gigaware2759d ago

Kinect software is scoring higher than Move titles

vhero2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

Wow.. You said this on every review now.. You need to grow up.. Your comparing completely differnt titles.. plus so far most kinect reviews released aren't by valued reviewers like IGN, gamespot etc. Eurogamer, Kotaku and Destructiod are some of the worst biased websites on the web. Oh and try comparing Kinect launch title scores to Eye toy scores.. They pretty much match up..

puamdefoke2759d ago

different scales for different beasts,.. you should be comparing it to psn PS-EYE games,.. and EYE of judgment,..

We all know what Kinect can do,.. It is so damn limited,..

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