Joystiq Review: Your Shape Fitness Evolved review: More work than workout

Joystiq: The original Your Shape for Wii was marketed primarily as a post partum pudge-buster with new mom Jenny McCarthy leading the fitness charge, but left a lot of players cold. Now, with the advent of Kinect, the game has evolved and Jenny McCarthy has been replaced with generic fitness girl and fitness boy, in what can best be described as a frill-free but serviceable exercise in ... exercise games.

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EVILDEAD3602539d ago

This one will be interesting to see how reviewers from Mainstream and gaming press perceive it's worth..

Not my first choice for a purchase but do dig the martial arts/ boxing stuff it looks like it has

The battle with Biggest loser begins..


-Mezzo-2539d ago

These type of games sell really well, i want to get that Mel B game for the Move myself but it Sold out on Amazon.

testerg352539d ago

Dang.. these types of software sell out? The stores must not stock many copies.

gigaware2539d ago

Sits around 22,620,560 you say something about stock?

SkyCrawler2539d ago

My mom touches wii fit every few months lol. No joking.

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vhero2539d ago

Wii Fit will NEVER be knocked off the top on any system in this genre as it was the first major game to do this but I need something new as it's getting tedious now. The only reason I would have ever got a Kinect was for fat burning but so far looking at reviews and what they say it's looking disappointing.

2539d ago