Kotaku: Dance Central Review

Kotaku: When I first tried Dance Central I said I thought it was the best Kinect game at E3. I also said it was the game with the greatest potential at the show. I haven't changed my mind. It would be nice if the game had more features, more modes and perhaps twice the music, but the core concept works beautifully. Like Rock Band, Dance Central creates an illusion and puts you at the center of it.

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EVILDEAD3602758d ago

He went nuts about this game at E3..still likes it..says it need more modes..

Game is full of win for Harmonix..would be crazy if it outsell the new Guitar hero and Rock Band 3


SilverSlug2758d ago

Rock Band 3 is on PS3 and 360 with a 80+ million fanbase.

This is on Kinect with ... how many fans?

That is the issue with Kinect/Move only titles.

Baka-akaB2758d ago

it could easily ... sadly rock band has never been as big a success than Guitar hero

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saint_john_paul_ii2758d ago

pretty much the best game in the Kinect launch lineup.

Bass_fisherman2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

you said it joe..errm i mean john

now please excuse me im gonna check on real gaming stuff.

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