GameInformer: Dance Central Review

From dance pads to motion controllers, the dance game genre is undeniably evolving. Last year, Ubisoft’s Just Dance made a surprising splash on the Wii, boasting incredible sales numbers and proving there is still an audience for dance games. These titles have been mediocre at best – until now. With Kinect’s Dance Central, Harmonix took a risk on a new piece of technology and succeeded in creating the most authentic and entertaining virtual dance experience to date.

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-Alpha2814d ago

It's a great score and I'm not surprised. This game alone will get many buying Kinect, and the fact that it appeals to both casuals and hardcore proves that Harmonix continues to be at the top of their genre.

T9X692814d ago

Harmonix is definitely the best developer for Music games. They do some great work with their games.

Sitris2814d ago Show
Sitris2814d ago

I was talking about DC and Singstar: Dance!!!!!!
People who like Dance Central will more than likely enjoy SS:D!! Gah WTH lol Dance Central is the reason i will be getting Kinect! I wouldn't click the article if i didn't want to be part of the discussion of dance games lol

I don't get it haha

Bigpappy2814d ago

I will know tomorrow how I feel about some of the reviews. Good niight.

Bigpappy2814d ago

I will know tomorrow how I feel about some of the reviews. Good night.

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cmrbe2814d ago

i think its a great score for these type of games. Casual fare like these normally don't get above 7 so an 8.75 is freaking good.

Bathyj2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

The thing is the score is so good its a bit suspect.

But I shouldnt be cynical, this is exactly the sort of game Kinect was made for so it should be good. I give it credit for that.

I'm just sad this genre is not my cup of tea.

Now if they make a title where you have to sit in a lazyboy and scratch your unmentionables I'm in.

2814d ago
Bathyj2814d ago

Look Hildog, I just didnt expect a dance game to get such a good score. I mean its not like its GotY material or anything. Its nothing to do with Kinect its the genre.

But then I gave it the credit its due as its just the sort of game that Kinect should excell at.

If you werent so gung ho on defending it maybe you would have noticed that.

And no, I doubt I'll be getting one unless some real games come out, meaning similar games to what I enjoy now without a motion controller. And I get a bigger room. As I said, dance games are not my forte.

aviator1892814d ago

It seems like Dance Central and maybe Kinectimals are the games to get for the Kinect, if you're going by the reviews.

blue7xx72814d ago

Yeah I know I was expecting Kinectimals to score in the low 5's or lower. But I'm surprised to see the scores for it so high. As for Dance Central seems like it's a great game.

Lionalliance2814d ago

Is the only game I want to try out.

Close_Second2814d ago

Lots of fun to be had with this one.

showtimefolks2814d ago

this will sell crazy and might just be the game that will make people buy natal(i know i just like name natal better)

but like i have said before just support all motion controls i am not much of motion controls gamer but i am glad move,wii and natal will all do well

as long as hardcore gamers are taken care of i don't mind these console makers trying to increase their ground in gaming industry

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