X360A: The Kinect Review - Our Final Word

X360A writes: "Kinect is kind of a big deal for Microsoft and they're putting a lot of their eggs into its piano black glossy basket, enlisting Cirque du Soleil for its massively overblown reveal at E3 this year and ploughing an excessive amount of cash into promoting the device to casual and core gamers alike. But it's non-gamers that could be enticed by Kinect's controller-free vision, removing the barrier that arguably prevents gaming sceptics from even considering ever turning on an Xbox 360."

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Shazz2756d ago

1.1 motion not referring too software ? THATS WERE IT COUNTS

Calm Down Sunshine2756d ago

"From the perspective of a hardened console gamer however, Kinect arrives with mixed prospects, where on one hand the technology is remarkably exciting"

Interesting use of the word "exciting".

It takes nothing more than common sense to see the enormous flaws with this bit of kit.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2756d ago

"as the device is both responsive and user-friendly and does offer proper 1:1 motion tracking as far as we can tell, with no apparent lag

[Ed – Rich is referring to the device, as opposed to the software]. "

But sir the one doesn't operate without the other and in every video review we've seen today it shows considerable lag and no where near 1:1 tracking you claim.

EasilyTheBest2756d ago

You have been posting the Engadget Site in every Kinect post.
Do you think any sane person is going to listen to your biased comments.
Kinect works, get over it.
Yes theres a few teething problems but they will be fixed, its early days yet.
Ive played it, lots of games to, it works fine.

karl2756d ago

still... kinect doesnt do nothing near 1:1 so why say it?

dtrain212756d ago

It works people i tried it

2756d ago
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