Destructoid: Review: Dance Central

Nick Chester Writes:

Dance Central’s premise of getting people off of their asses and dancing to the beat isn’t a new one in the world of videogames. Konami’s had years of success with its Dance Dance Revolution series, but that only gets you moving your feet, and arguably not actual dancing at all. More recently, Ubisoft knocked it out of the park with the extraordinarily successful Just Dance for the Wii, but that only uses Nintendo’s console’s controllers to track arm movements.

By using Microsoft’s Kinect sensor, Harmonix is taking the genre to the next level, tracking arm and leg movements for a full body experience. It’s a game that has players performing movements that more closely resemble actual dancing than its predecessors.

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EVILDEAD3602815d ago

Starting to look like a Killer App for Kinect..

Wonder if the 'Just Dance' fanatics run out and grab this title..Harmonix looks to have the highest rated Kinect game at launch..