Destructoid: Review: Kinect Sports

Nick Chester Writes:

What was surprising was learning that Microsoft wasn’t bundling this sports game collection with its Kinect hardware, instead opting for Kinect Adventures. As a pack-in, Kinect Sports would have been given a pass if it skimped on modes or features. But as a standalone, it would have to prove itself full-featured enough to justify its price point.

While Kinect Sports packs in a number of interesting mini-game sport experiences, it stumbles trying to support itself under the pressure of offering that standalone value.

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patterson2691d ago

I don't think it surprises anyone that all the launch games are sh*t except for Dance ...(whatever it's called)

Carlos_Irwin_Estevez2691d ago

Its surprising that places like gametrailers are saying that sports and adventures fail to work lol and they give it a 6.....