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PS3 Plans For Backwards Compatibility - Revealed

Since the launch of the Playstation 3 Sony has always said they were committed to their Playstation fans, and wanted to make the PS2 to Playstation 3 transition as easy as possible. In the early days backwards compatibility was a part of the plan. (PS2, PS3)

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LordMarius  +   1702d ago
"When fans see what Konami’s doing to the Metal Gear series, and what Square’s doing with Final Fantasy, they’re going to be very happy."

Bloody Hell, can it be
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-GoldenTimeLover-  +   1702d ago
I hope they're also working on KH HD Collection and make use of the Final Mix versions.
fuzion17c  +   1702d ago
This is what I'm waiting for!
Along with a MGS HD Collection!
Kanadajin  +   1702d ago
If they are, the world could end the week after it comes out and I'll die a happy man.
SixTwoTwo  +   1702d ago
"Activision, EA , UbiSoft, Konami, and SquareEnix were all on board to issue ReMastered Edition of their best Playstation 2 Games"

RBdrift  +   1702d ago
I'm praying Zipper is reading these comments and makes a HD version of SOCOM 2.
All I want is Fish Hook,Fox Hunt,and The Ruins.
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ReservoirDog316  +   1702d ago
Yes! KH FM 1&2! And FF 1-12!
RedDead  +   1701d ago
I know i'm a MAJOR minority on this site, but I hate KH. There's only so much cheesiness I can take.

Little Mermaid ... http://btx3.files.wordpress...

I love the gameplay though, Versus 13 FTW
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StanRaimondi  +   1701d ago
Come on capcom give me a few devil may cry in hd even if its just the first one.
Capt-FuzzyPants  +   1701d ago
I'll admit the game can get pretty cheesy, but the story and concept is just so good its hard to stop playing it. And in my opinion the game play is perfect with the exception of the camera.

I would die a happy man when KH 3 comes out. Please no more handhald games. AI am also very very excited if there actually is a FF remake coming.
gaffyh  +   1701d ago
OMG, I'm more excited for the fact that they just said that Squeenix is working on HD remastered titles. Though I think only FFX on PS2 was actually good.
NickIni  +   1701d ago
Indeed this does sound awesome :)

Maybe what they could do is implement the download at 9.99 or whatever like they said, but if the customer could prove they owned an original PS2 copy they got a free/cheaper download? Would keep a lot of people happy, me included.
vickers500  +   1701d ago
Please Square Enix, include Dragon Quest 8 on one of those remastered collections you are doing. Dragon Quest 8 is the only jrpg besides the pokemon games that I like.
Xandet  +   1702d ago
I couldn't help but have a big fat grin on my face after reading that myself.. please, let it happen.
wicko  +   1701d ago
I got something big and fat too but it wasn't a grin
Ravage27  +   1701d ago
'...When fans see what Konami’s doing to the Metal Gear series, and what Square’s doing with Final Fantasy, they’re going to be very happy.'


What many people don't realise is the potential of western gamers finally getting their hands on FF12 International Zodiac - the immensely improved version that was never localized!

I love the art style used in FF12 and i'll pay obscene money to play it in HD with the new Zodiac license boards.
Swiftfox  +   1701d ago
I'm afraid we will have to be more realistic. It is SquareEnix being talked about. I wouldn't be to far out of line to expect to see a simple HD bundle of Final Fantasy X and X-2 and that's it. I believe Final Fantasy X had an international version as well with more conent which we probably won't be seeing.

I also wouldn't be suprised if they sold each of the Final Fantasy X games HD at $40 per rather than bundled at $40.

I would also love to see Kingdom Hearts bundle that includes the Final Mix versions of both 1 and 2, but again this is SquareEnix we are talking about.
Megaton  +   1702d ago
That's actually a huge bomb they dropped, and it wasn't even touched on in the title or anything.

I guess it'll be the next 5 dupes of this interview to focus on that.
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-GoldenTimeLover-  +   1702d ago
Your username says it all. A little. :)
Sigh  +   1702d ago
when I read that quote LordMarius, I jizzed in joy. lol jk.

But seriously, looks like Square Enix is going to need HD classics to profit from their financial losses. Smart idea in a long while, lol.
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tinybigman  +   1702d ago
bring on the collections baby
Focker420  +   1702d ago
Blu-Ray FTW!!!
EVILDEAD360  +   1702d ago
Shadow of the Collosus alone made me believe that I will die very happy...but Metal Gear and a HD remake of Final Fantasy 7..

Tears of joy will fall from face

Makidian  +   1701d ago
There is no guarantee that they will ever remake PSOne games in this manner because they would take more work. Any PS2 game that spans multiple titles is fair game though, so if SE is doing Final Fantasy it will be FFX/X-2/XII. If they are doing Final Fantasy then it's logical to assume they will do Kingdom Hearts as well and hopefully it will be the Final Mix versions.
Coffin87  +   1701d ago
oh god yes!!
I currelty play FFVII Ultima Edition on my EEE Netbook, so amazing. To see all that amazingly adorably awesome pre-rendered backgrounds in FULL FREAKING 1080p HD ... wow!!!
But I think is would be too good to be true, they would have to re-render all that stuff. Furthermore, it's a PS1 game .. they were talking about PS2 games.
My guess would be FFX+FFXII.

On a side note, they are SO MANY forgotten gems ... hundreds and hundreds of hours of amazing gameplay experiences from the past. It's a shame that so many are forgotten .. old "low budged" movies are being re-shown on crappy TV stations over and over, but old games.. so hard to get your hands on some of them.
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J_Cob  +   1701d ago
Seriously. I've never played any Final Fantasy but keep hearing that FF7 is the best. I tried to play it but it was too damn ugly on an HDtv. If it comes out I'm buying it for sure.
Dnied  +   1701d ago
J-COB you should pick up a PSP and play it on that..

makes all my ps1 games enjoyable again cuz I hate playing them on my HD as well lol
dredgewalker  +   1702d ago
I'm praying that this would really happen. I want a Snake Eater hd-remake so bad.
fuzion17c  +   1702d ago
dredgewalker  +   1701d ago
I imagine if it did happen then it's also gonna be with MGS2 on a single disc.
duplissi  +   1701d ago
ooh... *faints*.
vickers500  +   1701d ago

(I know snake eater was the original name but subsistence is the better version)
himdeel  +   1701d ago
SNAKE EATER would be amazing via a remake...
...I'd buy it disc or download :)
VenomProject  +   1702d ago
I literally peed myself a little after reading the article.
fishd  +   1702d ago
Omg omg ff and mgs hd remake?holy cow!

And gow collecction sold almost 2 mil copies :o
Odin777  +   1702d ago
If SE remasters FFX and FFXII I will jizz in my pants...literally.
egidem  +   1702d ago
You will
I just did! This is fucking huge news!!!
LiquifiedArt  +   1701d ago
I'd rather have Backwards Compatibility AND remastered titles.
duplissi  +   1701d ago
^ lol I DO!

hehe... guess that 600bucks was worth something eh?
Sevir04  +   1696d ago
screw 12, that was boring and trashy.
I'll take X and X-2 in HD/3d.
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1702d ago
''The industry’s best developers are ReMastering their best games. Prince of Persia, Shadow of Colossus, and ICO are just the beginning. When fans see what Konami’s doing to the Metal Gear series, and what Square’s doing with Final Fantasy, they’re going to be very happy.”

Sony just hinted an HD Version of FF and MGS Collection?

nvm1987  +   1701d ago
haha funny shit
iamtehpwn  +   1702d ago
Does this mean.......
Final Fantasy X HD confirmed!?
Ilikegames76  +   1702d ago
I want
a Monster Hunter game with Move support.
DigitalAnalog  +   1701d ago
"The industry’s best developers are ReMastering their best games. Prince of Persia, Shadow of Colossus, and ICO are just the beginning. When fans see what Konami’s doing to the Metal Gear series, and what Square’s doing with Final Fantasy, they’re going to be very happy.”

***spazzes out..intensely........ then wakes up in confusion..

But wait? How are they going to "re-master" the original MGS? Isn't that PS1 game? OR ARE THEY GOING TO USE THE MGS2 ENGINE... (not talking about the Gamecube version)


-End statement
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EeJLP-  +   1701d ago
I don't know how the concept of remastering a PS1 title loses so many people. Is it that difficult to understand? You up the resolution, textures, framerate, etc... just like they do with the PS2 games.

Do people really think it's impossible to remaster a PS1 game or something? Just look at Bionic Commando: Rearmed. Compared it to the NES version and there's your answer.
J_Cob  +   1701d ago
It reminds me of MGS and Bleem for the Dreamcast. I think that's how it would look.
nvm1987  +   1701d ago
not sure if theyd remaster mgs1 as it was already remastered for gamecube and xbox
jjank11  +   1701d ago
@J_Cob...........Oh man, BLEEM.....that was awesome stuff!! Dreamcast was a gamers paradise, too bad they had bad timing. I still fire that system up from time to time!!
duplissi  +   1701d ago
bionic commando is not a remaster... but a remake.
Snakefist30  +   1701d ago
Denethor_II  +   1701d ago
I just read that sentence and came to paste it, with astonishment still slapped across my face ,when the first comment I read, has already done it, touché.
visualb  +   1701d ago
wow, this is epic =O
MGS and FF remakes! WOW!

however, I WILL be the devils advocate for just a moment (spare me) to say:

this is quite the cash in =| not horrible, if anything I'm excited about remakes - more value, good way of getting better experience, more services, etc.

but consider this: when they cancelled the B/C, you can see clearly it wasn't JUST because it cost too much, but because they realized they could make money off its absence.

not that its a bad thing mind you, its just the fact =)

still, great news!
BillOreilly  +   1701d ago
well the remastered games are GREAT but a hundred dollar(guess) add on box that plays ps2 games (like the one they patented or whatever) is a fu**** rip off. I can get a ps2 to do the same thing for 20 bucks. Unless it upscales no buy. Just another way to sell a smaller ps2 that hooks up to your ps3.
It wont be done with firmware but with hardware$$$$$$
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jack_burt0n  +   1701d ago
they removed backwards compatibility before they did the god of war collection.

and whose idea was the god of war collection!? it was ours when they posted what the fans wanted as a gift from sony gow remastered was the no1 request.

and still then they did not realise it was going to sell 2.5 million copies lol
vhero  +   1701d ago
You are missing the fact that you clearly hate PS3. I mean what is there to lose from HD graphics, trophy support and extra features. All for the same price as the ps2 games go for second hand nowadays anyways.
More excited about FF than anything probably gonna put FFX and FFX-2 on 1 Blu-Ray that's my guess the FFX collection.
Megulito  +   1701d ago
im down for this plan this sounds awesome
i still like bc tho and enjoy my 400gb with full bc and im in the middle of zoe2 but hd remastering ff7 n mgs collection ftw
Jamegohanssj5  +   1701d ago
Vice City next year please?

DufferO8  +   1701d ago
those sly bastards i only just got rid of a couple of ps2 games
Ravage27  +   1701d ago
congrats Sony :)
almost 2 million copies of GOW Collection sold and it was all coded in a few weeks.

Sony has a huge treasure trove of PS2 classics waiting to be remastered and this has every reason to be HUGE if they play their cards right.
solar  +   1701d ago
still have a functional launch 60GB. i got me BC :)
blind-reaper  +   1701d ago
@SiteNblog Defender
If you have so many PS2 games buy yourself a PS2 you can find at a good price right now... I would do it.
BkaY  +   1701d ago
this put smile on my face...
too many happy ppl..... love you all (no gay way)..

its really good to see positive and joyful comments ....


Newtype  +   1702d ago
Whoa....Square? To remaster???? Final Fantasy 10!!!! WOWOWOW.
-GoldenTimeLover-  +   1702d ago
Yeah, I'm betting on FFX, FFX-2 and FFXII remastered.
rob6021  +   1702d ago
I have a feeling they won't do a packaged deal on those 3, but I hope they do..
StanRaimondi  +   1701d ago
Dude i will gladly buy all three of them day one if they do.
Makidian  +   1701d ago
@rob If SE didn't package the three of them together it would buck the trend and defeat the purpose of the remaster so they will most definitely do it as the sales would be insane for those three games packaged together. Those three games alone could end up the highest selling of any remaster's that get released.
Coffin87  +   1701d ago
@ 2.1
and all on 1 BluRay!! =D
blasian  +   1702d ago
Very nice! Time for another season of blitzball
vhero  +   1701d ago
Ah blitzball in HD would rock I loved that mini game my fave after Triple Triad.
visualb  +   1701d ago
I don't think you totally geddit...


vhero  +   1701d ago
These are PS2 remakes they talking about so I doubt you will see PS1 remakes in HD unless it's a bonus item.. Besides FFVII works on every PS3 out there right now.
SoapShoes  +   1702d ago
I want an HD collection of Silent Hill with Silent Hill 2/3 in HD.
GLoRyKnoT  +   1701d ago
<<< WE DO!! :)
buckethead_X  +   1701d ago
That sounds great
because I've heard so much about Silent Hill 2 from my friend. The description of it that she gave was epic, and I really want to play it. Is it in a collection of any sort? I have a PS3,PS2, and Wii (maybe not much longer). Could someone please tell me the best way for me to play Silent Hill 2 before the hypothetical remaster? Thank you very much.

on topic- I'm definitely in the group of people that would pass out if KH 1 and 2 Final Mix came on a single Blu-Ray with possibly a handheld remaster as a fun little distraction (like RE:Chain of Memories)
hot4play  +   1701d ago
Dont forget Silent Hill 4: The Room HD. That was like the sequel to SH2. And it's the last game in the series created by the original team. ;)
The real killer  +   1702d ago
I think Sony drop the support of the PS2 soon and will support further in the PS3.
cmrbe  +   1702d ago
Not sure
PS2 is printing money for them and almost outsold the x360 lol!
Odin777  +   1702d ago
Well remastering PS2 games is pretty much supporting the PS3 as they are technically PS3 games.
DigitalAnalog  +   1701d ago
Movies are constantly re-mastered with every new movie format. I don't see why this should be an issue with games (as long as they're not abused)

-End statement
Cyrus365  +   1702d ago
That's pretty big news if true...Final Fantasy HD remasted and or Metal Gear.
KILLERAPP  +   1702d ago
Could FF 7 HD remake be upon us???
-GoldenTimeLover-  +   1702d ago
I dont think so. It clearly states "Final Fantasy series" so its most likely going to be an HD collection of the PS2 games.
Focker420  +   1702d ago
But MGS 1 & 2 were both on PS1.... So whos to say it won't be the same with FF.
-GoldenTimeLover-  +   1702d ago
MGS1 was remade on Gamecube.
MGS2 was for the PS2.
SoapShoes  +   1702d ago
MGS2 was not on PS1 and to make a PS1 game look even decent it will take a complete overhaul... A PS1 game in HD would still look very poor so I doubt they'll be doing that, especially since PS3s play PS1 games anyway.
ApexHell  +   1702d ago
mgs 1 was ps1 and they could also put twin snakes which looks like 2 on all they have to do is remove yoshi doll and change psycho mantis memory sentence.

and mgs 2 is on ps2 :p
Gue1  +   1702d ago
The Metal Gear remake on GameCube was garbage! If an HD MGS collection comes I hope they don't include that version of the game unless they can edit those cheesy/ slomo over the top action sequences cus Metal Gear is no Matrix.
40cal  +   1702d ago
Ok, "MGS2 Sons of Liberty" in the U.S. was on the PS2.

The real "Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake" came out for the MSX2 and is considered "one of the best 8 bit games ever made" then was released in the U.S. as part of Metal Gear Solid 3 Susistence.

Good chance all these games see a remaster? IDK. I would like the MGS remasters to be the "SUB" editions though.
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White-Sharingan  +   1702d ago
MGS2 was on PS2 and as for MGS1, I know the chances are very slim, but if somehow, sony would find a way for them to release the MGS1 remake that was released for gamecube, that would be legendary, though that was developed by silicon knights...sooo who knows who has the rights to that game.
#6.2 (Edited 1702d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Sigh  +   1702d ago
@ Estranged
I'm guessing a free code for MGS1/PS1 classic off the PS Store when you get the Metal Gear Solid Collection HD/3D.
cmrbe  +   1702d ago
Holy moly
MGS3 in HD in 3d!!!!!
godslayer429  +   1702d ago
commence the sh!tting of bricks.....
Gen0ne  +   1702d ago
There's my contribution. Anyone else care to join?
GoldPS3  +   1702d ago
Plop! Plop!
On your face.
animelover10487  +   1702d ago
Sorry, I had some bad chili this morning.
inbetweener  +   1701d ago
what a shitty conversation.
Coffin87  +   1701d ago
@8.1.3 inbetweener
Octo1  +   1702d ago
Nice. Can't wait to see what other PS2 titles will be getting the HD and Trophy support treatment.
patterson  +   1702d ago
HD remakes is even better than backwards compatibility! :)
cmrbe  +   1702d ago
playing PS2 games on my PS3 made me cringe. I just wish there is a way that all my PS2 games collection can be played in HD.

I tried to enjoy them but the bad graphics was just too much for me to take. HD to me is the only way to go.

I really really really really hope this news is true.
Bathyj  +   1702d ago
Yeah the problem is we all have huge LCD TV's now.

Playing ICO the jaggies nearly cut my eyes. I dont remember them being so bad before and I'm pretty sure if I hooked up to one of those old fishbowl tube TV's (god where would I even find one, museum perhaps) that it wouldnt be.

Plus very few game were in Widescreen, so its either stretch it or play with the bars on the side.

Screw that, HD remastering is the way to go.
soljah  +   1702d ago
if true all i can say is wow. after seeing gow hd this is even better than backward compat. they just need to keep retail price down and include collections of games on 1 disc
GuruStarr78  +   1702d ago
Good story, but the spelling and use of proper English (or lack of) kills any credibility that the author might have, make you wonder.
#12 (Edited 1702d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
akaFullMetal  +   1702d ago
metal gear remaster 0.0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rCrysis  +   1702d ago
This Is The Best News Ever. All the possibilities. Kingdom Hearts, FFX, Persona, MGS3, and all the endless great games that the PS2 has delivered us. =]

Great for gamers. Great for the devs. ^____^
Gen0ne  +   1702d ago
Remaster SSX3 and

Edit: and ZOE 2nd Runner
#15 (Edited 1702d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
lightningsax  +   1701d ago
Okay, but Einhander was PS1, there won't be any remastering there. Meaning that they could just... what's that again... I forgot... oh yeah,


Seriously. It's been on the Japan store forever. Space Invaders: Infinity Gene came with a free shmup in Japan, skyrocketing Einhander back to the top of the list for a little bit.

Now, this really wouldn't matter if I could have 2 accounts on a PSP...
mike9077  +   1702d ago
i like how he said "Not to mention no one makes money off a firmware updates" .well apparently best buy sure is trying too lol
Dlacy13g  +   1702d ago
yeah about the backwards compatibility...
I love how most of you are fine with having to buy the game again because Sony decided they wanted to make money off backwards compatibility by mastering an old game in HD. Sure the new version looks great but I would rather have it free cause its on my shelf.
Gen0ne  +   1702d ago
Good point
But my SotC looks like hell on my 52". HD remakes? I'm in. So I'm a sheep. There are worse things to be in the world.
#17.1 (Edited 1702d ago ) | Agree(20) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Gen0ne  +   1702d ago
Wow *looks at disagree*
So apparently there's nothing worse than being a sheep? I am a lowly human being:(
VenomProject  +   1702d ago
RyuStrife  +   1702d ago
Dude, don't buy it then. Geez, what's wrong with it if they are missing out the first time around? It's not for people like you, it's for the extras that missed it and don't feel like buying a ps2 just for them.
funkycoldmedina  +   1702d ago
Dlacy13g, I'm in agreement with you. I think it's a bait and switch move by Sony. I have the fat 60GB model and it's the best in terms of overall features as originally advertised. I understand cutting cost at hardware level, but how is it not possible to provide software emulation even if not 100% for those whom have collected a library of PS2 games that no longer have a PS2 console or it has worn out (DRE, etc.).

“One of the ideas that almost made it to market, but is still in play, was to gradually place every PlayStation 2 game on the PSN for download, pricing most games at or around 9.99. This would be done much like what’s happing with the PS1 classics right now on the PSN. “

I'm not against HD remakes with trophy support, but that statement above just proved the point that it's possible for backwards compatibility through software. If I'm reading it correctly it has nothing to do with HD remakes. The HD remakes mentioned pertains to only several selected games or series.
visualb  +   1701d ago
I agree somewhat
but consider they LOST money because of B/C - it was unviable, and its cancellation inevitable.

they just twisted it around to make some cash out of it, sucks somewhat (I have MGS2, MGS3 havent even finished that) and i'll get the urge to rebuy the remakes. but

a) its great value (usually 2, sometimes 3 games in one disk for 40 bucks = not bad)

b) its better quality (PS2 games on HD tv's = horrible =|)

c) you get extra content / trophy support/ etc.

so its a bit of a trade off, sure it costs, but hey, it could have been way worst IMHO(make shitty ports at 60 each for example)
AKS  +   1701d ago
I have a launch 60 GB that has full BC, but I'd much rather play a game like Shadow of the Colossus in HD remastered form, especially on my TV. I don't "have" to buy any of my old games; I'll buy the games I want to play through again. The Team ICO games look incredible, and I'd definitely be on board for MGS3, FF VII, FF XII, or DQ VIII in HD.
lightningsax  +   1701d ago
Diacy, I understand where you're going with that (despite your obvious icon being extremely obvious). I have a library of PS2 games that will not get either a PSN store or HD treatment, seeing how the PS1 games in the PSN US store are severely lacking (see my above comment on Einhander).

However, I also agree with Megatron - I put in SotC on a smaller HDTV, and it's really hard to even play it the way it looks.

The problem here is that less popular titles or just plain ignored for no reason titles will be ignored again. Maybe, just maybe, we'll see Persona 3 FES and Persona 4. ZOE 1 and 2? I wouldn't plan on it. The Devil Summoner series? Haha, no. Okami, Viewtiful Joe, and God Hand? The company's dissolved; Capcom has the rights to them, but they're not going to do anything with them.

Anyway, the PS2 has such an extensive library that I could go on forever. You get my point. If it won't sell in bulk, it's not going to be remastered or downloadable, and not being able to play these titles will make me a sad panda.
Dlacy13g  +   1701d ago
You make some great points except for my icon. I host a UK / US podcast and this icon seemed quite perfect. I own both a PS3 and 360 but will admit to my 360 getting more use.
Lirky  +   1702d ago
interesting about metalgearsolid 2&3 in hd on blu ray this will be neat. Also final fantasyX on blu ray will be nice too, they could even add bonus features like making of the games etc.
Philaroni  +   1702d ago
If I get F10 and F12 in HD with Trophy's I'm going to cream myself.
rob6021  +   1702d ago
Good thing my 60gb PS3 is still chugging along like a champ.. software BW compatibility is never coming - I love HD remasters, but only at a bargain price.
Philaroni  +   1702d ago
Software would be nice but to be honest getting the best PS2 games in HD with other goodies I'm happy with. There are some old games like Warship Gunner and PTOVI that I love to play and are very nitch games same with Front Mission 4 that I'm sure we will never see, but at the end of the day I still have my PS2 to play those on.

Hope we get GTA HD Collection, that would be huge.
Adaminy  +   1702d ago
i would take a human life to have them make remaster xenogears in hd. lol
Neko608  +   1702d ago
This is why Sony is such a great company
They take their time and think things through for long term success. They don't simply react to flash-in-the-pan market demands, especially if it's not profitable for them.

The Remastered PS2 games are a brilliant idea. There are really only a handful of PS2 games that current gamers would want to play again anyways. Add in HD, trophy support, affordability for gamers, profit for developers, and the fact that it's an actual PS3, everybody wins.
maniac76  +   1702d ago
remastering sounds best then,to play all ps2 games would be cool,but to play some of the better ones in hd with 60fps etc is even better
Mamajuana  +   1702d ago
That's fantastic news. I would definitely pick up a MGS collection, and the Ico collection.
brettski  +   1702d ago
why do people always talk about 'creaming' themselves when they hear good news? I prefer to smile
#25 (Edited 1702d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
SnukaTheMan  +   1702d ago
To little too late......
If sony only thought about the consumers when they first brought out the ps3...they would not be third in North America.
Mamajuana  +   1702d ago
Sony does think about the consumer, which is why they have a variety of games to cater to all types of gamers.
Errod88  +   1702d ago
Make it Happen
How about a grand theft auto collection with GTAIII GTA Vice City GTA San Andreas.
With HD support and trophies. I will be so getting this if it was true... :)
baker_boi  +   1702d ago
Holy Shit Man
Final Fantasy 6 - 12? On 1 Blu-Ray? Shiiiiiit I'd have to cop that homie. Aint no way I could pass that up.

Almost the whole Final Fantasy COLLECTION on 1 disc! HOT DAMN!
Capt-FuzzyPants  +   1701d ago
I'll take any traditional Final Fantasy in HD with trophy support. I hope they remake every game. They can sell them on multiple discs and I'll still buy everyone. But im not so sure this is true. I hav high hopes.
Rival_31  +   1702d ago
This is amazing news!
Mr Tretton  +   1702d ago
Silent 2 please!!! (with SH1 on the disc as a bonus!)
GLoRyKnoT  +   1701d ago
& don't 4get Silent Hill 3 now Mr. T :)
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