Joystiq: Kinect Sports review: A first-round pick

Randy Nelson Writes:

Since the launch of the Wii with its bundled Wii Sports, Nintendo's competitors have been ready with sports compilations designed to show off their respective motion control technologies. Sports Champions was arguably the most successful part of PlayStation Move's launch lineup and now, Microsoft brings Kinect to market with a completely stand-alone title: Rare's Kinect Sports.

In my (significant) time with it, I found an actual game that manages to deftly side-step being just a collection of tech demos through its polish, presentation and wide variety of genuinely fun activities.

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EVILDEAD3602789d ago

Would have loved this to have been the pack-in title for Kinect..but definately looks like it's getting positive reviews..

Bowling FTW is what I always say after Wii Bowling..