Wired Review: Flawed Kinect Offers Tantalizing Glimpse at Gaming’s Future

Wired: "Kinect always sounded a little too good to be true. The new motion controller for Xbox 360 uses an array of cameras and microphones to let a player control videogames using only body and voice, promising a new level of natural interactivity.

For gamers with an eye toward the future, Kinect is a fascinating proof of concept. Its use of infrared readings to put together a surprisingly accurate and responsive 3-D model of your body beats the pants off any previous camera-based controller."

WIRED Full-body tracking and cursor interfaces work surprisingly well. Voice commands come through clearly.

TIRED Sunshine kills Kinect. Some games require too much play space. Where the hell is Netflix?

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Cyrus3652632d ago

That's a pretty high score for something that's "Flawed".

lowcarb2632d ago

He didn't sound to thrilled about button less game play or Kinect to begin with.