Eurogamer: Kinectimals Review

Eurogamer: "If you're looking for just one game to buy with your new Kinect unit, you might feel like you're in a difficult position. Would you rather race pretend cars, or play imaginary football and tennis? Without spending upwards of another £70, you're not surely seeing the full range of the camera's potential. But you don't have to buy all of them to see everything that Kinect can do. There's another option, and Kinectimals is it."

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EVILDEAD3602667d ago

Literally can't wait for the young ones in the family to play this..

But hey..not a bad review from Euro..things arent looking to terrible from the midnight game reviews that are coming in from the big sites


Cyrus3652667d ago

I was expecting way lower score for this game, then what it got.

Cyrus3652667d ago

Cause Casual games like this doesn't tend to score really well.