Eurogamer: Kinect Joy Ride Review

Eurogamer: "Unlike Kinect Sports and Adventures, Joy Ride doesn't actually make you move very much. You can even play it sitting down with moderate success. You simply hold your hands out in front of you on an imaginary steering wheel and veer left and right, and your avatar will do the same in its little sportsmobile. There's no need to worry about accelerating and braking, as the game does that for you. You've got more important things to fret over, like how you're going to pay the rent after spending £165 on a magic camera and a racing game."

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EVILDEAD3602813d ago

LOL @ Joyride..never looked worth a full price purchase..

The Forza support looked cool though..

I'll but it when it hits the bargain level..just like I will for Move's Tokyo Riders..just games for mindless fun..but not worth 40-50 dollars


Cyrus3652813d ago

Looks like this may be the lowest scoring lanuch game.