Engadget: Kinect for Xbox 360 Review

Ross Miller writes:

The comparison everyone wants to make -- including Microsoft and Sony themselves -- is how Kinect stacks up against the Move. By the numbers, picking up Move starter bundle and an extra controller is still $50 less, and in that setup you also get a two-player experience. Move's Sports Champions is arguably a stronger bundled title compared to Kinect Adventures. But really, we feel like both systems -- along with Nintendo and the Wii -- are just taking a different approach to the same issue. Where does interaction go next? How do you bring it to the living room? Back to the Kinect, though: we think there's some fighting spirit inside that glossy shell, but it's definitely got a lot of growing up to do first.

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GamingGamer2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

why Tier_1_Beard's post got considered trolling. Mods are funny here.

but either way. not too great especially if reviewer have to speculate and hope that MS will improve this via software.

but it is suffering from massive glitches and inaccuracy issues as predicted. not to mention the lag issue.

-Alpha2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

Just going to copy and paste what I said above:

The reviews so far are good, no need to stick so hard to one review just because it gives a score that you guys may think Kinect deserves.

Engadget gave Move a 7/10 so there's some perspective on that too, Kinect is not doing too bad by any real means. If you are still judging it as a hardcore option then you need to realize that this is not what Kinect is.

Kinect is scoring better than people made it out be around here. I find it funny that all the fans are flocking to the positive reviews and all the criticizers to the more negative ones and everybody tries to use the numbers to battle against each other. It just goes to show what kind of motives people have and are trying to push.

I think this is the bottom line:

Kinect is being reviewed in the perspective of the family gamer, and in that perspective it is doing well.

So there is no need for people to be afraid/angry/feeling cocky or whatever else people are expressing and there is no need to pick a score and try to fight other people with it.

It seems the negative consensus is that the setup and demand for the right settings is a pain in the ass, especially for casuals, and that the price is too high. Then there is the lag that seems best described as evident, but dependent on game (like always). I haven't seen any reviews saying the delay is game-breaking, and I don't expect it to be for the launch titles (core games are still a different story though)

NecrumSlavery2761d ago

Comment one wasn't trolling. Niether was mine.

What the hell MODs? Can I please have my bubbles back? Why is it that N4G has become a place where people cant debate or talk maturely without raging fanboyisms?

EVILDEAD3602761d ago

Actullay..not bad..

I agree Sports a a good pack-in game for Frisbee Golf..

But ity's obvious Kinect Adventures is going to be a good family type game..

And the fringe benefit is that Kinect Sports is going to be the go-to game for most at launch..especially because it includes bowling..

If they gave Move a 7 and Kinect got 6 from these guys then that not bad at all..

The reviews are looking good so far tonight..nothing just flat-out destroying the hardware like the haters believed they would..

lol..But then again it's early..


gigaware2761d ago

Only 3 people in the article in your link. Why are gamers so angry over Kinect?

lowcarb2761d ago

After watching that video I'm not sure why he gave it such a low score. His main gripe was he wasn't use to not having buttons and Joy ride being an extremely simple game. Everything else he gave praise to so these numbers really don't make sense.

gigaware2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

The politics of it prevents media scoring it too high. The fanboys formed an army of resistance massive it would hurt them? If they were seen as being pro Kinect. After all the real issues is fear of wii adoption from the haters. Why not score it a little low for self preservation it won't matter anyways people will buy what they like. Same thing happened with the Wii. Doesn't matter just like 360 and PS3 launch reviews matter now

GamingGamer2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

i was thinking opposite...

Reviews are pretty bad...
Even IGN said "it actually doesnt work. well.. sorta"

and they gave it higher score because of its casualness and such...
Kotaku was pretty harsh too.. saying it doesnt really work..
"We've both had issues with some Kinect games not recognizing a gesture here or being slow to respond to another"

" the voice-control fail us once in a while, forcing us to repeat whatever we barked at the Kinect. He's had it worse"

"some games simply break, like the time Kinect Sports didn't let him detach a virtual bowling ball from his virtual hand."

and Engadget gave it 6/10

jony_dols2761d ago

Engadget in my opinion, is the only review that counts.

They know their tech.

insomnium2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

"Kinect is being reviewed in the perspective of the family gamer"

This is a problem. Most people on this website are NOT familygamers. Most are hc-gamers. Now these very same hc-gamers who were laughing at PS3 for not having "teh games" a few years ago (when the MS eggheads said so) are making a 180 turn and rejoicing when MS abandons them. See the only option is it either change 180 degrees or hate on Kinect/MS for doing this. They CHOOSE to love Kinect since they love anything with a MS label on it (atleast in public).

Are these same hc-gamers who were with MS bashing the PS3 for YEARS trying to tell us they love Kinect now? I mean REALLY? THIS is the problem. Noone on the x360 hc-camp recognize and admit that MS is making a 180 turn on them. WHY?

Additionally these very same individuals bark on Move all the time. MOVE WORKS WELL ENOUGH TO BE A HC-DEVICE. We've seen NOTHING like that with Kinect so far but still they shout "it's a wiimote in hd" and blah blah at Move. This is their defence mechanism. Just the same as "you have only one bubble so I don't have to listen to you since clearly you are insane". It's BS and every single rational person can see right through it.

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Immortal Kaim2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

Did you morons actually check out the other scores, you know the ones that are giving Kinect 7+... Does this score immediately cancel out every other sites opinion?

@ Alpha

Stop being rational, you can't even imply Kinect is anything more than a t*rd on N4G

Game-ur2761d ago

"Positive" reviews came from sites not known for gaming, and a lot of gaming sites held out from giving it a score, but they all confirmed the lag and recognition and response issues.

DigitalRaptor2761d ago

Scores mean nothing.

You look at their comments and you can find that even the ones that give them good scores have a negative final view on Kinect.

cmrbe2761d ago

This is from people that actually know hardware.

Its not a complete disaster though. At least the kinetic games are scoring well.

On another note

MGS3 HD!!! baby.

uxo222761d ago

"By the numbers, picking up Move starter bundle and an extra controller is still $50 less"

Is that really are true statement?

T9X692761d ago

lol no. Move Starter = $99, Extra Controller = $50. Together = $149 which is the price of Kinect.

wsoutlaw872761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

"By the numbers, picking up Move starter bundle and an extra controller is the same price,"

Shackdaddy8362761d ago

Who the hell disagreed with this. It says it in the damn article.

Grow up people.

Dirk Benedict2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

i am here. front and present. looking good.

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