Gizmodo: Xbox Kinect Review: It’s A Brand New Console

Microsoft’s motion gaming peripheral is, if executed correctly, quite possibly the future of gaming. It might even be the future of WIndows 8 and computers everywhere. But how much fun is playing with Kinect right now?

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patterson2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

"You really need a lot of room for Kinect. Matt’s New York apartment was not big enough to get a satisfying play experience, and even my decent-sized suburban living room felt slightly confined. I was backing into my couch well before I hit the recommended “back wall” shown by Kinect. People in average-sized urban apartments will get a sub-par experience just because they don’t have enough room. Who wants to pay $US150 for a machine to tell you that you should get a bigger domicile?"

"It’s also hard to justify the $US150 price tag right now—especially when you need to purchase a whole raft of new games at $US50 a pop just to use the thing. You also need a lot of space—way more than either the Wii or PlayStation Move requires, and this is a big problem.

Having only 1 title out of 17 launch games truly do something compelling and new isn’t a very good launch, especially for people who don’t like dance games. Right now, the answer to the fundamental question of “are you having fun with Kinect” is, unfortunately, “not really.”