More Info on 'Project O'

A few months back CVG spoke to Harvest Moon creator Yasuhiro Wada, who teased us with details of his secret 'Project O' for Wii, but it's not a secret anymore as the lid is finally lifted on what looks like another fantastically unique creation to put on his CV.

Officially titled Ousama Monogatari, or King Story in English, the game mixes RPG gameplay with real-time strategy and life simulation elements into one package.

Players take control of a boy named Corobo, who becomes king using a magical crown. Your task is to gain the trust of your people and build your empire from scratch.

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MK_Red4123d ago

Japanese really love those life (love) simulations. Still, the game has an interesting name. (Project O)

sleekblackroadster4123d ago

but damn it gets so hard to manage a day once things are rolling. i guess its just part of the game experience to always have to hurry hurry hurry and hope you have enough time but i wish they would make a new hm game with more time in the days

Rooftrellen4123d ago

I really can't wait for thsi game. I like Harvest Moon. I like Civilization. I like Pikmin. And this sounds like all 3 of them rolled into one great game!

I hope they do put just a touch of online on it, allowing us to see other people's kingdoms. This doesn't sound like the kind of game you should be able to build a kingdom and war other people, but it does sound like it lends itself to seeing what others have accomplished.