Kotaku: Review: Kinect

Stephen Totilo Writes:

Microsoft says that Kinect is the next big thing for video games, a way to control both games and TV without touching a thing. This expensive future is now. It's amazing, but you can wait for it.

The Kinect sensor is a device that plugs into an Xbox 360 controller and uses a combination of cameras and microphones to identify and track the movements of a person standing in front of it, as well as enabling voice control of games and video running on your TV. Wave your hands to play a game? Get your posture corrected by a virtual personal trainer? Tell ESPN to pause? Kinect does that.

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BrianG2632d ago

Overall good quality review, I appreciate the honesty when using it.

I just read another on the site and the guy was having trouble calibrating the entire video, but at the end touted Kinect as being a must have. I was thinking wtf?

But at least you showed the positives and negatives. Much appreciated.

TheLeprachaun2632d ago

Exactly. Let's try and be unbiased for a second. Kinect has its audience, it's going to well. There's no use arguing it. Perhaps one day it'll have some sweet games for us hardcore gamers. If not, oh well, we still have normal 360 games, our ps3 games, wii games, multi plats and of course pc games. I hope Kinect does well simply because I like gaming in general. As long MS don't lose focus and concentrate fully on these casual motion sensor games I'm quite happy.

GamingGamer2632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

"We've both had issues with some Kinect games not recognizing a gesture here or being slow to respond to another"

" the voice-control fail us once in a while, forcing us to repeat whatever we barked at the Kinect. He's had it worse"

"some games simply break, like the time Kinect Sports didn't let him detach a virtual bowling ball from his virtual hand."

Edit. Lol. i love the disagree. they are just quotes.
care to explain?? or should i just assume you are an upset fanboy??

IHateYouFanboys2632d ago

here are some other quotes from the article to counter GamingGamers obvious bias against Kinect in trying to make the review seem like Kinect is bad:

"Kinect isn't just hype. It is technology that goes beyond the microphones and cameras we've seen attached to game console before. It is sci-fi technology that Microsoft will be spending a lot of money to support for a while. Kinect isn't going away, so you might as well try it at some point. You might just love it."

"The first time I used Kinect from my home couch to control my TV with simple hand gestures, I got chills. Sounds corny, but it felt like I was doing something extraordinary, just lifting my hand and using it to move a cursor around the screen. The fact that there is now a piece of technology we can hook up to our Xbox that can see whether we are dancing in time to Lady Gaga is amazing."

"Some games, such as Dance Central and Kinectimals, are polished and seldom show cracks. "

"Kinect voice control, on the other hand, feels like it can be as precise as pressing a button. Buttons and control sticks together are a great combo; voice and gesture feel like just as terrific a pairing. "

"If Kinect becomes nothing more than a replacement for the TV remote, it'll prove to be a winner."

jony_dols2632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

MS spent half a billion dollars merely promoting the device. That doesn't even include the R&D and the manufacturing costs.

To put that into perspective, MS could have (with advertising costs alone) developed & released 25 Uncharted 2's (imagine 25 separate Xbox exclusives with the same production values as Uncharted 2) or
they could have created 8 Gran Turismo 5's and had a 20 million dollars to spare.

Which do you think is more beneficial to the gaming industry:

games or peripherals?

punkpop1012632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

That's the problem.It's not Microsoft's or Sony's job to focus on hardcore gamers it's the developers/publisher who should focus.

jony_dols2632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

@punkpop101: You do know that Microsoft owns 10 first party game developers? They are also affiliated with 15 3rd party exclusive developers, in which Microsoft Game studio's publishes all their games.

That is 25 developers in which MS could have redistributed that $500 million dollars.....

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Shang-Long2632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

some cons i read

"But it's not must-own yet, more like must-eventually own"
It's really going to depend on the games that are going to be developed.

Kinect's launch offerings have something for everyone, even those who don't play games, but, for now, Kinect is a device for people with extra money and — very important — a lot of room in front of their TV. A lot.

Some Pros

Dance Central and Kinectimals, are polished

If Kinect becomes nothing more than a replacement for the TV remote, it'll prove to be a winner/
This is true and pretty realistic. as of now the launch games aren't very good but kinect has a chance to be successful in one way or another. only time will tell what will happen.

but i have a serious question. like and honest serious question for 360 only owners.
would you guys rather have more 1st party exclusives or Kinect. like seriously. no bashing no trolling a serious question. but if this does become a success MS might have more money to start opening up new Studios

TheLeprachaun2632d ago

I personally, would prefer the 1st party hardcore exclusives but I can't speak for everyone. People have to understand Kinect isn't going to last for ever. Motion controllers is a phase in gaming. We'll mature past it eventually. Either to the point where it's so precise that hardcore game devs would be foolish not to incorporate them into their games or where they'll fail to relevant. Either way, lets just see how it plays out and enjoy the great games we do have.

Newtype2632d ago

Too bad iWaggle3D doesn't review Kinect.

kagon012632d ago

In vg247 has list of reviews...

showtimefolks2632d ago

i don't know why gamers hate move,natal or wii motion controls if you don't like them like i don't just don't buy them. Whether we like it or not motion controls are here to stay as long these companies don't forget about their hardcore gamers i am fine with motion controls.

we as gamers are what keeping gaming industry back we need to support the overall package of every console

enjoy games and peace

Fishy Fingers2632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

"we as gamers are what keeping gaming industry back we need to support the overall package of every console"

What a load of rubbish. Buy what you want, leave what you dont. Forgive me for not saving a thought for the multi billion dollar companies.

showtimefolks2632d ago

but i mean all this hate on motion controls is not helping every site you go to gamers are fighting over which is better and what not.

why can't we just accept that what wii did will bring more motion controls features for every console whether we like it or not

halo reach
fable 3
crackdown 2
god of war 3
heavy rain
lords of shadow
yakuza 3
red dead
mafia 2

so you see even if motion controls do well we as gamers will still get games to play and to me that's what matters as long as they give us the option i don't want to be forced into buying motion controls

big_silky2632d ago

"hardcore" gamers need not worry, nobody is going to take their precious shootan games from them....

considering how poorly games like castlevania and vanquish have sold, the opinion of a "hardcore" gamer and a nickel will buy you a cup of coffee. for all their talk they certainly don't back it up with sales.

2632d ago
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