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Co-Optimus writes - "You also are going to need a pretty big playing space for Kinect - my living room is exactly 8 feet from the front of the TV stand to the front of the couch and it’s just barely enough room to play distance wise. In numerous games my hands would go out of frame if I needed to raise them above my head. Add in a second person for co-op play and you get an almost claustrophobic feeling trying to squeeze both players into view."

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-IronMan-2723d ago

lol if Microsoft gave them some money it would have been 10/10.

But they are telling the truth cause they didnt accept the bribe. :P

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Longrod_Von_Hugendon2722d ago

2.5 out of 5 sounds about right.

darthv722722d ago

regular people arent allowed to express their feeling towards this device? We are only supposed to listen to the "major" sites now.

Thanks for the tip. I will make sure to only go to those site from now on for all the right information.

+bub to you man

Gue12722d ago

The masses are gonna bite the bait GG. Marketing is all you need to sell a product in America.

All_4_One2722d ago

If we trust major gaming websites over casual non-gamer sites with out game reviews, can`t that same logic be applied to Kinect reviews?

I`d rather have a gamer tell me about Kinect than a non-gamer journalist.

GamingGamer2722d ago

has nothing to expressing opinion..

Major gaming sites has specialty in reviewing games. and they have way more credibility.

i mean would you ask random person on a street to review how much your house is worth over realty agencies??


DigitalRaptor2722d ago

The larger sites tend to be the more credible ones. Not always, but mostly. Professional journalists.

Anyone with a blog and an opinion can write reviews. That doesn't make their opinion valid.

The Wood2722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

if he would listen to Variety's review over Engadget's and maybe he'll understand the point being made. Whom shall i listen to...Oprah or Jeff Gerstmann.

Im not attacking kinect here but surely the major gaming sites hold more credence than the non gaming sites and blogs. Yes, the small gaming sites should have just as much if not more credence than some of the majors because of their well known dodgy practices but it seems like some don't want to listen to them now. Why is that??

The best reviewer for any of these motion controllers will be the users. My daughter would give kinect a 10/10 if you know what i mean and that ten would be very real and validated for her...for me....MS's jedi mind tricks wont work only hands on proof. Ive used both the wii and move so ill hold my judgment on kinect until ive actually had a go. My opinion as of now is that its just an eyetoy amped and suffers from the same limitations the eyetoy did. No amount of Bieber, Oprah, Elephants or men behind curtains is gunna change that....That'll be left up to the this space

beardpapa2722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

I'm not sure about this site reviewing kinect, but I'd rather a gamer's take on the device than some non-gaming review site giving me their opinion. You guys claim it's ok and that the non-gamer reviews should pass. Would you let a salesman perform a CABG on u or would u prefer the experienced licensed cardiothoracic surgeon?

I'd say outta all the reviews I've read, engadget's is the one I'd trust in since all they talk about is tech. Real tech.

darthv722722d ago

I will agree that a site that has been around longer would tend to have more credibility. however, is it not true that sometimes there are those who review for said sites that get criticized for their review and said to have no credibility?

It happens. It is all how you want to view it from a personal perspective. Obviously if the review is in your favor then it is a credible review. If the review is not in your personal favor then the question of the validity and credibility comes into play.

Dont lie to me and especially yourselves with your selective reasonings. A small site can have just as much credibility as a bigger one provided the information is provided in pure unbiased form. That may be hard for some of you to fathom just as it is hard for a big site to provide biased information and pass it off as the truth.

Bottom line, reviews and opinions of others are supposed to inform another person of that point of view. Ultimately the final decision rests on the consumer making that decision. I try to remain neutral in such situations but when push comes to shove, i push back in defense of optimism.

Oh and these big sites...they started out small once before too.

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lokiroo4202723d ago

Thats like an A or B+ right? Right?

Zeevious2723d ago

I got the joke...I don't think anyone else did.

Yes -- It's an A

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The real killer2722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

"Motion control gaming - Nintendo created it, Sony copied it, and Microsoft is expanding it"

And here i was thinking Nintendo copied technical schema' s from Sony :)
For being first of release, mean not they are the inventors.

Just stupid.
----------------------------- ------------------------------ - ----------


How many are those USA reviewers in that list of yours?
----------------------------- ------------------------------ - ----------

Why do i get a disagrees? first is just a fact and second i ask how many those reviewers are in USA nothing more.

----------------------------- ------------------------------- ----------

"Nintendo has been working on a motion controller since at least 2001, it's not like they made it overnight"

It's about the controller, this technolochy is not from Nintendo they have licents to use those right.

Elven62722d ago

Nintendo has been working on a motion controller since at least 2001, it's not like they made it overnight.

I believe Sony started around that time as well.

The first to market is usually deemed the pioneer, that's how the market works.

Just because you say it does not make it a fact, you need proof to make facts.

maniacmayhem2722d ago

Nintendo took a chance and went with motion controls and it paid off big time. Sony and MS stayed with the safe practice of controllers and are only now trying to play catch up to Nintendo's mighty throne.

The Wood2722d ago

but i think one of the two followers you were talking about was actually improving their tech. The results are here for all to see ... wii motion plus still isnt as accurate as the move controller. Maybe if the move was released a few years back it wouldnt of been so accurate. Im not saying its perfect by any stretch of the imagination but its definitely the most accurate. I dont even need to try kinect to know that. The software and need for numerous faked shows has already shown me.

hoops2722d ago

The first to market motion controls was Atari with the Le Stick.
Then came the PC when Logitech and Microsoft made a motion controller.
The FIRST console to bring motion controls to market was Sega. Not Nintendo or Sony. Sega was working on motion controls well before 1999. They also had the Sega DreamEye which came out well before the Eyetoy or Microsofts eye cam for the Xbox. The true pioneers were Sega.

"The DreamEye was originally unveiled by SEGA in 2000 although it was in development since 1998 and in conceptual stages long before that."

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