GND Review: Kinect

Galaxy Next Door writes: Nintendo opened the motion gaming Pandora's Box with the Wii, bringing gaming to the masses and, in the process, cementing itself as top dog this generation. Never one to be left out of oodles of money, Sony and Microsoft have decided to dive into the motion gaming pool and try not only to expand their audiences, but also extend the life span of their HD consoles. We've already had a hands-on with Sony's take on motion gaming, and now it's Microsoft's turn with Kinect.

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GamingGamer2670d ago

"Voice recognition, facial ID and 3D depth all work, just like Microsoft promised… well almost."

it seems that he is impressed with the novelty of it rather than the actual product...

before you press disagrees, please read the review...

the guy makes so many speculations.... Kinect+Bullet Storm or software enhancement of glitch issues and such.

Canas20102670d ago

Yeah there is an abundance of speculation in this piece but I like it. I really like the fact that there is no score just a pretty well written play by play review. Still not buying Kinect though, lol

TheHardware2670d ago

That all those tv commercials are extremely misleading ......someone should file a lawsuit to make em show the actual space needed to play.

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SSIDEUP2669d ago

First of all, for a "hands on" article, this piece is almost ALL speculation. It's like "this is what it MIGHT be like someday", rather than a discussion as to what it is NOW.

Secondly, seriously incompetent writing. Stop writing as if we're all in grade school.