Poker Night at the Inventory Trailer Reveals Team Fortress 2 Unlockables

The new trailer for Poker Night at the Inventory reveals that there will be unlcokable items that can be won in the game and used in Team Fortress 2. The article includes the trailer as well as screenshots of the items.

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MechaZain2636d ago

Developers have been in a collaborative mood lately

Mastersnake102636d ago

Epic crossover just got more epic.

FlyWestbrook2636d ago

Holy Crap I NEED to get the Dangeresque sunglasses and License to Maim badge on my Demoman. Those along with his fro hat will be AWESOME!

LukeWashingTons2636d ago

Wait, they're making a poker game crossover? And they aren't Capcom?? That alone makes this awesome.

FlyWestbrook2636d ago

Someone needs to stop living under a rock. This was announced months ago.

LukeWashingTons2636d ago

Whoops! My bad. Still, this looks awesome.

FlyWestbrook2636d ago

Capcom isn't the only group that makes crossover games you know.

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