Times Square Kinect Launch: Major Madhouse

Having just returned from the Times Square launch of Kinect, I can only say that the experience is a complete and utter MADHOUSE. There was a superlong line of screaming fans, as Kinectimal plush animals were handed out., while Larry Hryb, better known as Major Nelson, was there to greet the masses.

A few days ago, Microsoft upped their estimates of 2-4 million lifetime sales of the Kinect to 5 million, and you can see why – there is tremendous demand for the controller-free motion control device, and Microsoft did its job marketing the darn thing.

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EVILDEAD3602790d ago

Looks like Microsoft got the kind of buzz it needed to push some early big numbers for Kinect..

I'm looking forward to playing tommorow..but nah..couldn't have done the Times Square thing..

Love Halo, Gears, and Call of Duty midnight launches..but playing Kinect Adventures at 1 in the morning does not sound fun..

LOL @ parents waking their 7 year old to play Kinectimals..


JonahFalcon2790d ago

I can't afford both Kinect AND Rock Band 3/Keyboard bundle right now. Am strapped. (sigh)

EVILDEAD3602790d ago

I hear ya..

I bought Halo Reach
NBA 2K11
Move + controller + 4 games (Bruswick Bowling, Racquet Sports, Start the Party,vEye Pet)
Fallout 3
Fable 3

And now Kinect and 3 games..

Not to mention two copies of COD: Black Ops next week

All back to back..

Lol...I need a cheaper hobby..

Losing sleep just to see the early reviews for Kinect..


Denethor_II2790d ago

They had a midnight launch of Fifa 11 at my supermarket that exceeded this.

GuruStarr782790d ago

I prefer sitting on my couch waiting for Amazon to deliver.

I don't live in NY either, and MS decided to snub Chicago on any release day, oh well.