Destructoid (the Show): Kinectapalooza 2010

The topic of today's discussion was Kinect, which is set to launch in North America tomorrow. Destructoid talks about their initial impressions of the system, compare it to other motion control consoles on the market, and Max cracks a few jokes. You guys like those, right?

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Pennywise2726d ago

Where are the kinectareviewa?

jahcure2726d ago

3 out of 4 said do not get....even compared it to eyetoy...that sucks

Redrum0592726d ago

1 yes's
3 no's

that pretty much sums it up

TOO PAWNED2726d ago

Don't trust anyone. Why no Sterlling at that table? Because he would be the only one calling it as it is. Rest of the crew are just bunch of xbox fanboys. Same with Giant bomb, they are going to have whole day live stream with Kinect, but when MoVE was released they didn't give a damn. What a coincidence. What ever MS makes it's amazing in heads of american media.

gigaware2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

Did you even watch the video? Or is it that they did not bash it more? What a strange round table. They mention the games as being important but talk about just a couple of games no one cares about.Basically this round table was nothing but half witted rants about a whole lot of nothing coming across as simply trying to regurgitate fanboy talking points to get hits?

gigaware2726d ago

You should have finished it but even then, early in the vid I wouldn't consider what they said as being pro kinect by any means

TOO PAWNED2726d ago

i finished it, stand by what i said. They were reserved, trying not to say anything negative, and even if it was they sad it jokingly.

gigaware2726d ago

As I though you didn't want a fair as possible opinion you wanted an all out lashing and attack on it from them.

Bigpappy2726d ago

The guy on the right was the only one there who seemed remotely interested in what the games were about. He seemed to put them in a weird position, as it looked like the girl and the bawld guy were ready to tear Kinect a new one. The guy on the left he focust purely on being a 5 year old.

The verdict: Kinect can be done on the wii balance brd.

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moparful992726d ago

Ohh ultimate loser is so advanced.. I replicate on screen actions and the game superficially tracks my calories and hear rate.. First of all there is no way on earth that kinect can determine how many calories you are burning.. Secondly how can it determine your heart rate?? Thats so stupid, but of course everyone is going to watch that and be like omg that is so advanced and it doesnt do anything but show you moves to mimic... These fitness games are the dumbest thing to happen to video games.. Get off you lazy butt and go to a gym.....

Redrum0592726d ago

i like how your last comment suits your avatar

"get off your lazy ass and go to the gym"


sashimi2726d ago Show
jarrod19812726d ago

i dont care if it ever has anything hardcore or not. i consider myself a hardcore gamer and i play those games with a controller. i wouldnt have it any other way. kinect looks like it might be fun to get my family involved and have a good time and that is what it is for. thats what ms is aiming for and i think they will do well with it. i hate this site by the way, just thankful sterling wasnt a part f it.

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