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Senator Leland on proposed violent video game ban

Adam Sessler interviews Senator Leland Yee after a hearing, discussing his thoughts. If theese are the people who make our laws, I am terrified as it seems to me they have no idea what they are talking about. (Adam Sessler, Industry)

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MariaHelFutura  +   1732d ago
On this planet and in life in general, you have the right to do whatever you feel like doing as long as it`s not imposing on another being. That is one right worth dying for.
big_silky  +   1732d ago
not in america you don't...
PhilipLarkin  +   1731d ago
I suggest reading some Jeremy Bentham, then studying the Victorian Whig party under Gladstone.
tinybigman  +   1731d ago
was a ruling made i didn't hear anything on what happened.
iceman2929  +   1732d ago
Also, unless im missing something, you cannot interactively set someone on fire and then proceed to piss on them...
saint_john_paul_ii  +   1731d ago
in Postal, you can
Kain81  +   1731d ago
They should ban GUNS and not Games, but the lobby is hard at work i see
Fishy Fingers  +   1731d ago
I was about to say the same thing. Put down those violent games kids, here have a 9mm to play with instead.
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jc48573  +   1731d ago
anything can be a weapon nowadays, but we're just too stupid to have the slightest idea or clue on how to use it. Sorry, I meant to shoot the bad guy, but of course that wouldn't have happened if I was taught the right thing in video games.
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SSKILLZ  +   1731d ago
*blows friends head OFF by accident * x_x

The Media : "another tragic death do to violent video games"
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HorriblePanda  +   1731d ago
god you brainwashed drones
make me sick the 2nd amendment is one of the most important freedoms we have so go ahead and tell me why they should ban guns whats so bad about them?? or do you not uses your rights and freedoms?? and wish you lived in nazi germany?? you two are extreamly retarded
n to the b  +   1731d ago
they're not suggesting a gun ban. just pointing out that actual guns have the potential to pose an immediate physical threat while videogames don't.

their argument is similar to my fave herb legalization argument - the fact that while other legal drug products like booze & cigs kill 100s of thousands annually, illegal marijuana is responsible for only zero deaths.

no one is suggesting booze & cigs should be outlawed, just like no one is suggesting civilian gun ownership should be outlawed.
Nihilism  +   1731d ago
I think you're the one who is brainwashed, look up gun related deaths per capita on the internet....the U.S is at the top with something like 20deaths per 100k per year. Japan has like 0.000000007 deaths per 100k per year on average....wtf does that tell you. Guns aren't making you safe brua.

If I wanted to go out and go on a rampage right now...I couldn't even find a gun, I don't know ANYONE who owns one, or even heard anyone claim to own one. You can't even buy them in 'shops' You have to order one only after you have done serious weapons training and have a license which there is like a 12 months wait on. + they do all sorts of background checks, if you have any offenses, even drink driving, i'm pretty sure that cuts you off the list.

You also have to keep the weapon stored in a locked box attatched to your house ( bolted onto the frame so it can't just be removed ) and there are random checks to make sure that the weapon is stored/lock and out of reach of children and that the ammo is kept separate. Or you face jail time.

What do you think my chances are of getting shot at night?????

Pretty f-ing low.
TheColbertinator  +   1731d ago

Don't get started on banning guns here.If anyone tries to make to away my Constitutional rights,I will shoot them and the law will back me up.
PhilipLarkin  +   1731d ago
BAM! And that's why America is fundamentally flawed.
TheColbertinator  +   1731d ago

And in your fantasy land,every race loves each other,every country wants peace and every conflict is settled peacefully.

However its our right to own guns and that is the blueprint designed for America.If you have a problem with it,take it up with the Department of GTFO
HorriblePanda  +   1731d ago
about god damn time!!! i agree with you colbertinator 100%%% these brain dead morons say ban the guns..only to be right and have the views of all to other mass idiots bubble up for you
nnotdead  +   1731d ago
while i agree with Colbert and Panda in principal, i never understood the fanaticism that comes with guns ownership.
n to the b  +   1731d ago
it's because many americans are like stupid f*ing cattle and are easily riled by right-wing fearmongering, "They're going to take away your rights!! And form DEATH PANELS!!!"

you should have seen the political mailer against PA rep Joe Sestak I got from the NRA... can't believe what my fellow americans will fall for, makes me sad. :(

(and no I'm not saying I was for Joe Sestak necessarily; just saying the right-wing propensity for fearmongering is shameful.)
Swiftfox  +   1731d ago
There are fantatics that are associated with many different aspects of human culture not simply firearms.

Not all firearm owners are redneck fanatics. Same as not all Muslims are terrorists and not everyone that plays a PS3. Xbox 360, or Wii are fanboys of that console.

It's unfair labeling and generlization from people that don't take the time to understand eachother.
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Swiftfox  +   1731d ago
Why should they ban guns? It is the constitutional right for any and all American's to have the ability to defend themselves from all threats. Forgien and Demestic.

Unfortuntatly the fore Fathers couldn't have suspected that the level of responsibility and disciplin that they were accustom to would be lost.

Guns are not evil, it's lack of responsibility and disciplin that are the real threat.

People must take responsabilty for every action they take and accept the consiquences of those actions.
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Kain81  +   1731d ago
@TheColbertinator and Swiftfox

You are a big part of the problem, this world has...
Its sad that we live in a World, where FEAR and MONEY reigns...
Its like a Chain, if someone buys a GUN, he has power so another one thinks i must protect me and my beloved one from that Guy, and he buys a gun too ect.
Swiftfox  +   1731d ago
Sorry, I lost your argument. Are you saying it's not alright for me to protect myself and my loved ones?

It's like learning a martial art. Are you saying that because I learn a martial art that my intention is to invoke fear and panic in others? To prove my prowess by showing how much better in a fight I am? That by knowing how to protect myself from a genuinly evil person I am somehow part of the problem? That I am simply supposed to let evil men assault and possibly kill me just to end the chain of destruction?

Learning a martial art isn't just the art of learning how to fight it's the art of learning how to avoid fighting. Eventually you have to protect yourself and you need the disciplin and control to put and end to the conflict quickly so more people don't get hurt. Simply because a man attacks me doesn't mean I will reach down and yank out a gun and start waving it around like a madman. Gun's like any violence are a last resort.

Learning about firearms and how to safely use firearms and knowing when to use firearms is just like that martial art. The truly bad people that wave their guns around demanding respect are just that. They lack respect for the weapon and what it is. They lack the disciplin and see it as a tool to push around the weak. My Father always said, "Locks keep the honest people honest." Banning guns won't solve the problem because the "bad guys" will still get their weapons only now they know no one other than law enforcment can stop them.

I would assume that protecting your family would fall on your shoulders not mine, but I understand that there are bad people in this world and I will defend myself from them if nessessary.

It is sad that this world is filled with Fear fueled by the media and our own politions. I would love to have a world were weapons like the gun didn't exist and people could reach comprimise and understanding through peiceful words and not violent action.

There are good people in this world. There are people that to talk about their differences and who refuse to use violence. I personaly am one of those people. I don't like conflict. The last thing I want is a fight and surely a conflict involving guns will just mean innocent people will be hurt.

Simply put, getting rid of my right to use an opperate a gun isn't going to make the bad people go away. It just means that now when a bad man does open fire on my family I can't shoot back.

Edit: sorry about the rant.
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SSKILLZ  +   1731d ago
its the Parents responsibility, but the parents will just buy there kid the game just to shut him or her up, or because they love there child so much they buy him or her the game to make up for lost time and to make them happy, the i agree children should not play these types of games because it will lead to violent increase in children exposed to hours of gory or violent material.

but do not band them !!!!
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Swiftfox  +   1731d ago
Brilliant professionalism on Mr. Sessler's part. I know how he is so adiment about the protection of the first amendment as well as his undieing defence of video games in general.
CrippleH  +   1731d ago
Senators are so out of touch. They got to stop using Videogames as scapegoats.
Swiftfox  +   1731d ago
Well it's easy to use videogames in that matter. To gamers they are not big issue but to the unoffiliated they can seem very alien. When you don't understand the nature of something you fear it. When you fear something it is easy to be influenced into a method of labeling it as evil.

This is almost a normal growing pain of a meduim. Books, movies, radio, and telivition have all gone through this. With defence and understanding video games will be accepted just like the above. Though the acceptence is not free and it must be earned(sadly). People like Adam Sessler are helping that to happen.
KidMakeshift  +   1731d ago
Hey why don't you fix your state before wasting millions on irrelevant agendas

Oh wait, you're a republican
Dan50  +   1731d ago
I'm damn sure this won't pass.
If it does we would get Germany style video game censorship.
n to the b  +   1731d ago
isn't germany ok with the sexy games though? that would be interesting...

I definitely agree with those who question why violence is ok when depictions of intimacy are not.
Dan50  +   1731d ago
Yea they are but look at how they censor violence.

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