Phone Call To Amazon: Lair/Folklore Fiasco Explanation

Here is a an excerpt of of Apollo - a PS3 Forum member's - phone conversation with them just a few minutes ago regarding the cancellation of the orders. He explained to them that we received an e-mail where Amazon checked and confirmed the prices of the two games and then said they'd honour those prices.

Here's their response to the sudden flip reversal in their promise.

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HeartlesskizZ4127d ago

I could not understand anything else but the suppliers, suppliers, suppliers.

Meus Renaissance4127d ago

He said it wasn't an item Amazon themselves stocked but Sony Computer Entertainment. They made the price..when Amazon checked the price in their systems, it checked out fine. 14.95, but as soon as the orders came in, SCEE realised the price mistake and immediately informed Amazon of this - they could do nothing but change the price and apologise to those who were ordered.

Basically, it's SCEE's fault. Where have we heard that before.

duarteq4126d ago

it seems that the amazon guy is somehow related to abdul from the simpsons. Can you put some subtitles ? lol

I agree with you. Can only listen suppliers, suppliers, suppliers

Meus Renaissance4126d ago

I'm Apollo from that forum, I was the one who made the call. He spoke to me and I understood him fine and I just told you what he said and you disagree with that? Lol.

s8anicslayer4127d ago

they should honor those prices!

Antan4127d ago

One word.............Squirm.

crippler6664127d ago

This is Amazon's fault, no other companies. They was going to honor it until they realized how many pre-orders had been made. I know they have lost my custom and hope that other people do the same.

Hellgiver4126d ago

I don't really understand how that would be the case. They would definitely expect such hugely hyped games that are so lowly priced to have a huge amount of preorders. They just didn't say anything because they saw hey'd get many preorders, and then when their "feet were held to the fire," they'd say they have no choice but to change the prices back, and many people will probably keep their preorders with them, rather than go through the hassle of canceling, since the customers would have to place new orders elsewhere and have to wait even longer after the release of the game in Europe to actually play it. Then again, maybe I am overthinking it and Amazon was just lazy in that area.

crippler6664126d ago

I meant as in if the figures of pre-orders had of been lower they probably would have honored them, because they was high, they are not going to.

BenzMoney4126d ago

First of all, this isn't news.

Second of all, you guys are being pathetic. Life isn't fair - deal with it.

HateBoy4126d ago (Edited 4126d ago )

Your a fakking retard. Spineless too. Thankfully not everybody is as weak and ball-absent as you, otherwise we'd all probably be speaking german right now. Fakk yourself. I hope that "bend over" attitude of yours leads to you actually taking it up the ass someday, roughly.

Amazon are disgusting, I will never (EVER) buy anything on that site again. Order is cancelled, I encourage others to do the same. Seeing as this apparently isn't illegal (shocking) thats pretty much all we can do to make a tiny difference.

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