Heavy Rain deleted footage will shock you

Gamersmint writes : his video is also available in the Playstation Store and shows some new unseen footage, that every Heavy Rain fans must watch.

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Imperator2755d ago

You have to play it man, it's great. And these deleted scenes are so cool. I think they should have kept Ethan's black outs and Madison's backstory. I do, however, agree with taking out Shelby's scene and the father/son scene.

Christopher2755d ago

Again ***SPOILER***

Shelby killing his mother wouldn't have made any sense. He wasn't angry at his mother or anyone in particular. His whole desire with his killings was to test fathers to see if they would succeed or fail where his own father (and himself) failed. It's also very likely that Shelby pays for his mother's hospitalization.

Personally, I was sad to see Shelby as the killer in the end since he was the most liked character and the one I would have hoped to of seen in a sequel. I think it likely that we will definitely see more of Paige if a sequel is made. I'm not sure I really care too much about the other characters being seen so much as just reference points.

NecrumSlavery2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

yes you do. dont watch these. play it so there are no spoilers.

Yeah, My wie played this game nonstop. She beat it before I got to play it. And since I didnt want any spoilers, and she loved it so much. I spent a lot of time up stairs playing DS while she rocked this game. A totally amazing game that everyone should play. If only once. It's better to love and loss than to never have loved at all. And I love HR!

D4RkNIKON2755d ago

I absolutely loved it. I hope they make more games like it. My girlfriend doesn't care for video games AT ALL but she loved watching me play HR. She loves CSI and other investigative shows so she was hooked. She wanted me to beat it in one sitting haha

yoshiroaka2755d ago

Yes indeed and holy F**K!! The swimming scenes inthe house look freaking awesome. I love the idea!
Damn you cuts!!!

milohighclub2755d ago

i loved the game but really think they should of kept the blackout bits, they were wicked. bad move.

badz1492755d ago

can't wait for QD's next project!

Steve_02755d ago

Go out right now and get it. And don't rent it neither, this is a game worth having in your collection, even if the replay value isn't that great without multiplayer (you'll want to play through again, though).

DigitalAnalog2755d ago


Althought, I don't see why they can't just do a work-around on the blackout scenes and make it schizophrenic-based as opposed to "paranormal|.

-End statement

visualb2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )


amazing water effect, even though incomplete! DAMNIT!

good point at removing them though...GODDAMNIT this and GOWIII missing parts makes me realize all the potential DLC I'm missing out =(

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ArcFatalix2755d ago

Story doesnt even make sense

VenomProject2755d ago

You probably haven't even played the game. The story makes perfect sense upon completion.

TheLastGuardian2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

Heavy Rain had an eerie feel to it. The gameplay was just QTEs but the story was great. I wish I hadn't just rented this game. I'll buy it if I can find it cheap.

I wish every playthrough was as good as the first but hopefully Move might improve the gameplay and make it worth playing again. I wish developers would let us play deleted scenes after we finish the story.

visualb2755d ago

you either haven't played the game, or you suffer from extreme "unable-to-understand-sto ries" syndrome =P

to complicated for you hmm?! poor kid

trust me, story makes ALOT of sense, no matter what ending / outcome you get

its amazing how it works really. silly child,

Bloodshedder2755d ago

wa da f?... its my opinion! im a ps3 fanboy... it just didnt suck me, is that so bad? britney spears was more shocking!

Gen0ne2755d ago

It didn't suck me either! What gives?

cb4g2755d ago

...have an agree and a bubble just for your avatar pic.

Motorola2755d ago

WHY DID THEY CUT THIS OUT? it would have helped so much!!!

Redempteur2755d ago

i guess the revelations on madison were sheduled with some other chronicles package but shouldn't these vids be on the blu ray in the extra or something .??

that would have helped a lot

akiraburn2755d ago

I checked this out earlier on the PS store, very cool stuff, though it's really a shame some of it was cut. Specifically though I would have liked to see the stuff they mention at the end with Madison and her apartment. That would have been a ton of fun to customize. If nothing else, it would have been neat to see it as DLC.

TANUKI2755d ago

I didn't know this was on the PSN store. Will have to download a copy to my PS3.

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