PlayStation 3 Gaming Video Preview from CNET's Crave

CNET-TV's exclusive video on Playstation gaming, featuring games like Uncharted and PAIN.

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MK_Red3832d ago

The guy isn't really into gaming, otherwise he'd have chosen Uncharted as his favorite but as a casual game, SingStar could be a killer.

Salvadore3832d ago

Does anybody know if one can import well-known songs to Singstar from an MP3 player?

masterg3832d ago

From what I've heard you can download just about any song to the game.
But it is through the game. Meaning it will cost money.

Anything but Cute3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

The one where they say that Uncharted will be overlooked. I see uncharted as one of the big PS3 hits. Overlooked? Are they saying it's PS3 owners are gonna have so many games to play that they won't even bother with Uncharted? Kinda weird, but it looks too good to be overlooked. I don't know

jcgamer3832d ago

yes sir looks stellar

jcgamer3832d ago

looks like a movie poster...

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