Game Podunk Review - Nier: A Play on Words... Swords, Magic and More....

Game Podunker TylerXDurden writes, "The graphics in Nier are bad. It's that simple. The environments and structures look unpolished, more like something from the PS2 era. This becomes tiring as you will be transversing through the same few towns and landscapes over and over. The color palate in Nier was picked carefully and although most reviewers faulted it for being too bland, I thought it exemplified the bleak future of humanity. The character models were just as bad as the environments although some bosses looked as though they had been plucked out of an entirely different game because their level of detail was so much greater than the world around them. With all that is wrong with Nier graphically, great lighting effects came as a surprise but they weren't nearly enough to save the game's presentation..."

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