David Cage – “Wii is a Toy”

Gamersmint writes : In a recent interview, David cage had good things to say about the PS3 and he also called wii a Toy.

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units2670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

anyone else surprised

Nitrowolf22670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

Well it seems he is referring to the tech base. Wii has online but it is a joke compared to other network, and they used friends code. It has the ability to play dvd and yet Nintendo decided not to enable that feature. He is comparing the power advantage that the PS3 has over the wii, hell the 360 makes the wii look like a toy. The wii is last gen still even though it was the console that really pushed motion tech, the specs of the wii are not that special compared to other consoles.

"I think at some point people make the difference between something that is like a toy, a funny boardgame like the Wii, and a real… well a real multimedia center with an extremely strong videogame experience”"

The PS3 has so much more stuff that it can do that is why he is using boardgame and multimedia center, compare those 2 and yeah it's true.

The Wii has great games though, can't deny that.


judging from the comments most of them have not even attempted to read the article to understand what he means

MeatPopsicle2670d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

Yes, of course that is exactly what he was talking about:

“When you have a game console like the Playstation that has a hard drive, a blu-ray reader, that connects to the internet, and does a billion other things, and that has a “hard” in terms of games that really is extraordinary, well, I think at some point people make the difference between something that is like a toy, a funny boardgame like the Wii, and a real… well a real multimedia center with an extremely strong videogame experience”

The title is just fanboy journalism spin.


Exactly, that's why I wanted to put the actual quote. And then you added to your comment. So sorry for the redundancy.

-Alpha2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

Thanks for clearing that up Nitro, it's unfortunate how much spin a random N4G poster can possess over the reality of a dev's comment. And it's even more unfortunate that people don't read actual content.

Remember that fiasco with Ted Price?

Anyways, if it's a toy then it looks like a pretty fun toy. Although I completely look down upon the Wii's lack of next gen features I can still enjoy it for its games. I think the Wii is just as capable as any PS3/360 title to make a solid gaming experience, despite its hardware shortcomings. Tools are only as great as the people that use them, but it's definitely time for an update.

na-no-nai2669d ago

Just cuz the ps3 and xbox360 can do more doesnt make the wii anyless a toy compare to the HD twins. It just to show you that Nintendo dont need other multimedia to help it sell more to the consumers. Beside David Cage is pro Sony and never gonna be making games for other console

Nitrowolf22669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

hello, created by quantic dream, David cage is one of the founder of QD. There been rumor lately that hgis next project is multiplat

" help it sell more to the consumers"
like i stated this is tech wise not sales wise, Cage doesn't mention anything about sales he is talking about the tech.

DigitalAnalog2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

"judging from the comments most of them have not even attempted to read the article to understand what he means"

That's why this site should be called "H4G" (Headlines for gamers). Just looking at the top poster;s comment is already crippling my IQ.

**looks at na-no-nai's comment..

I guess "Figure-of-speech" doesn't exactly translate to you very well does it. Wait, you DID read the article.... right?

-End statement

DORMIN2669d ago

@ people still commenting without realizing the quote out of context.

ChickeyCantor2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

"Wii has online but it is a joke compared to other network, and they used friends code"

Actually its unified.
Its up to the developers, they do not have to use friendcodes. There are games out there that use a different system.

"The Wii has great games though, can't deny that. "

So in what does this "toy" nonsense matter?

I love how something that is weaker considered a "toy". While in fact all 3 are. Get over it fangirls.

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Gue12670d ago

He is third party so... What is your point again?

Nitrowolf22670d ago

yup, they have developed for xbox, PC, and Playstation. This is coming from a third part company

zeddy2669d ago

its a toy for fat girls and old people.

Imperator2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

I've really been enjoying Kirby and Goldeneye this past couple of months, so while the Wii may not have next gen graphics, it does have many great games and I personally do consider it a video game console, not a toy. This is one time I have to disagree with Mr. Cage. DK Country and Epic Mickey are coming out soon, and then Zelda next year is gonna be awesome!

RageAgainstTheMShine2669d ago

Gamecube used to be a console but Nintendo repackaged it and marketed the Gamecube 2.0 aka Wii as a toy whether you like it or not.

J_Cob2669d ago

I don't own the Wii and never plan to, but for him to say that is retarded. I believe without the Wii the Move wouldn't exist. You have to show respect and this guy clearly has none. What a bastard.

xino2668d ago

how many times do we have to tell you nintendo fanboys that Move is not a copy of the wii!

Move is just a device to help utilize the full potential of the PSEye!
PSEeye has been in development for a freaking long time!

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dgroundwater2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

Hate to jump in on a losing bandwagon. But I'd have to agree that his existence is one of pretension and douchebaggery. The guy couldn't direct himself out of a cardboard box. He'd need another director to show him how so he could copy it.

dgroundwater2669d ago

Between the cliched Hispanic pervert, the raging big black guy, and the unexplained sexual contact between the main character and the journalist, I knew I was playing a games that panders to the Hollywood crowd.

There is little room for originality when you are busy ripping off Saw, and having fights on conveyor belts while the crooked cops loaf around wondering with innocents they should arrest. Y'know how crooked those big-city cops are.

GTmonster2670d ago

wii is not a toy, play smg2

NecrumSlavery2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )


Look dude, everyone loves Nintendo, but the Wii is a joke. A waste of so much potential. And I get that they went for inexpensive, and to get the casual crowd. But the poor online, lack of social features. The lack of HDD, HD, and much more kills it for me.

Seferoth752669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

and your ignorance is killing me..

First off Wii doesnt even need a HDD dumb ass. HD SD cards work wonders on the system. This isnt the 360 or PS3 where you need to do 5 gig installs or do patches to make games work.
You need it for Wii ware and I seriously doubt a troll like you could find 64gigs worth of games to fill up a single card.

Wii is a social console. Just not built for online socializing. You know not for nerds and lsoers that need to be in a fake online world pretending to be cool (Home). Poor online? Funny it works just fine for me and in all my time of playing online I never used a friend code. Just another example of you letting your ignorance of something determine how you feel.

It is funny to hear some kid call the fastest selling console in history with the highest rated game this gen a joke without comprehending that the joke of a console beats his in every way that really matters.

Other than HD, blue ray there is nothing on the PS3 that the Wii cannot do also. BLuetooth, Wifi, free online(PSn is shitty compared to Live but the excuse is always that it is free well Wii online is free too and not near as bad as you haters make it out to be.)

You are probably one of the many fanboys on this site that are excited to finally play tue next gen games like Move Tiger woods. Wii owners have been playing those type next gen games for 4 years kid.

Shoko2670d ago

Then so if every other game console.

ArcFatalix2670d ago

I cant believe he said that