Blu-ray Disk camp gets a new ally

The BDA has announced that China Hualu Group Co. has joined the BDA as a contributing member, meaning they will have input on Blu-ray development. They also have a booth at IFA, so hopefully we will soon see some new products come from this company, which currently produces DVD players and recorders.

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TriggerHappy3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

Anyone else see the Irony in this ? Some companies leave Blu-ray to the competitor, new companies move in.

But what could this mean ?

CAUTION: This post is full of anti Blu-ray fans, Excercise with extreme caution. :)

WaggleLOL3756d ago

"But what could this mean ?"

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Now that HD-DVD is dead, its tiny fanbase of Xbots and Microsoft fanboys are looking for anything to latch onto.

This is the latest. Nothing more.

beavis4play3756d ago

i heard about these discs in SOUND AND VISION mag in early '06. they say there is no chance they will be used by the general populace any time soon but who knows.

ktchong3757d ago

What impact can they possibly have?

cloud3603757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

I personally like to attack u for the fun of it... dunno why. somet about u....

Sh*t i got the wrong guy... i thought u wer Willam Barker L something something...

either way. your just like him

beavis4play3756d ago

probably as much impact as electronics powerhouse VENTURER.

SuperSaiyan43757d ago

Transformers movie on HD-DVD ONLY, nuff said.

cloud3603757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

But the guy who crated it wanted it o be blu*ray

@ the guy below me....

He is a blu ray fan u know, he is a sony fan.. he got a call from parmount so on his website he changed his message to wanting everyone to enjoy his movies.. b4 its was about blu-ray being the main format. check out your own Xbox sources and websites about this... His nam is something Bay

ktchong3757d ago

and now he's happy that it's on HD DVD.

Loudninja3756d ago

becuase its coming out for DVD as well LOL

s8anicslayer3757d ago

what's the big deal,why can't their be two hd formats?this crap is getting played already

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