IGN: Call of Duty: Black Ops Multiplayer Kills Montage

There's no feeling quite like getting owned in COD multiplayer. Here's a video clip of some of IGN's finest victories and worst defeats.

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AKissFromDaddy2670d ago

Looks like a great game. Still is a great game but in my opinion,.... my very personal opinion, Modern Warfare 2 *looks*, simply looks, more fun, that's it.

IMChampion2670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

I respect your opinion but you couldn't be more wrong in my opinion.
Since we are basing this on looks, them this destroys MW2 in-terms of looking fun.

captain-obvious2670d ago

im getting my copy today
or maybe tomorrow

shovelface882670d ago

Dude, blackops is going to blow mw2 out of the water. Have it pre-loaded already on PC from steam so I'm good to go at midnight.

Me and a couple buds also got us a dedicated server ready to go on launch day as well, it's going to be sweet!

AKissFromDaddy2670d ago

I bet a lot of people do that for a lot of games as well :-)

r1sh122670d ago

For me MW2 got quite frustrating after a while.
Marathon lightweight and UMP was annoying, people wouldnt even experiment with guns which got boring.
It forced me in not using any other guns in SnD.
From what Ive seen in Black Ops its looking more balanced, but obviously I wont know til I play the game.
I cannot wait to see the back of one man army and danger close.
Lastly the problem with gaming sites like IGN etc...Most of their staff are average at many games (shooters especially). I wish they would just employ a person from the community to get a few good clips and make a montage from that..
I hope this is not ruined by stupid glitches and unbalanced weapons

S_C2670d ago

Cant Wait For This Game, When Are The Reviews Out For It ?

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Rubberlegs2670d ago

Everything they are doing is making it look so much more balanced compared to MW2. You now get to control the chopper gunner and attack choppers. Doing that will make it so you can't rack up kills at the same time since your controlling it and not on the ground killing guys at the same time. Kills from any kill streak awards won't count towards your streak anymore.