Gamer Limit Review: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

GL: "Let me begin this review by asking a question: Why did LucasArts decide to release a sequel to The Force Unleashed? It can’t have anything to do with the fact the first game got poor to mixed reviews by most critics. The developers probably weren’t interested in continuing the story either, because all the main plot points were wrapped up at the end of the original and the main character, Starkiller, sacrificed himself to save the day."

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aviator1892632d ago

I still can't believe how bad this game is doing in terms of critical success.

DigitalRaptor2632d ago

How is this game a 4/10!?

It's clearly better than the first one and is improved in almost every single way.

Yet it manages to score much, much lower than its predecessor.

Makidian2632d ago

I'm sorry but that's just simply not true at all and I adored the first game. Don't get me wrong, I like the game and I think a 4.0 is way too low, a 6.5 would be more apropros.

The problem with the game is that for every improvement they made, they stripped away what made the first game so great. The story is extremely hollow and a lot of that is due to zero interaction with any NPC on your side for the first two worlds of the game. Then they trumpet the fact that you get to go to Dagobah and interact with Yoda, it's just too bad that interaction last for about 1 minute total and the fact that youare on and off the planet in the span of five minutes is ridiculous. By the time you meet up with Kota and Proxy the game is over and it ended about the same time the first game had it's twist.

The combat in this game had me all excited as well, too bad the combo system was dumbed down to nothing and the move list shrank to garbage. The fact that people don't seem to realize you could make lightning bombs in the first game is troubling as well because that wasn't a new combat feature. The enemy variety is pathetic as well and some of the stronger enemies from the first game would have been so awesome to fight with two lightsabers in this one. The Sith Acolytes could be taken down with grip combos and were no trouble even when surrounded by them. And the final battle with Vader is an effin' joke.

I think Haden couldn't deliver a third game and instead cut a large portion of the game out to ensure a possible sequel and retooled the ending to make it fit. In doing that though he took so much out of the game that if there is a sequel to this game I will be shocked and I really want a sequel because it would likely incorporate everything god from both games and it would end up being the best of all of them. But the way it is now is absurd and there is no way in hell it was worth $60 being the length it is, regardless of challenges unlocked and very easy holocrons to find. The entire team should be ashamed of themselves for releasing such a stunning game that ended up being so shallow.