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With each iteration of the Fable franchise, the series takes a decidedly different step in a new direction. Visually, each game has been consistent from the beginning, featuring a style that is not quite cartoonish, but not quite realistic, either. It’s a charming and unique look, where characters always appear to be a bit too small for their bulky outfits, like children playing dress-up in their parents clothes. However, in terms of game design and gameplay, the three Fable games are quite different from one another, as if each one is an evolution of the one before. With the latest in the series, Fable III, Lionhead Studios has addressed past issues, but it has also created new, and confusing, design decisions.

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jha12232666d ago

So sad to see what could have been a great game turn out "meh". I still have issues with how the characters interact with the environment. It looks ... layered maybe? Perhaps disconnected is a better way to put it.

I wished they would have brought back boasting from the first one!!!

Did they lead you on a quest that ended with showing you that you could get some tasty dlc (ala Fable II traveling caravan)?

retrovertigo2666d ago

I didn't think it was a bad game at all, but some of the design decisions were really confusing.

Overall I liked the game and thought that it was deserving of a 4/5 or an B/A. It's not perfect, but it's not quite "average". I think it's somewhere in between.

JudoChinX2666d ago

I've never been a die hard fan of the Fable series, but I'm definitely looking forward to getting more time with this one once I knock a couple other games out of the way. Love the most industrialized setting though. I'm sure it will be a solid experience.

JimmyJames702666d ago

Yeah, I really liked Fable II, I should try and figure a way to go back and play the first one.

kube002666d ago

Might have to get it later

JimmyJames702666d ago

Can't wait to play this one!

RyanDJ2665d ago

I like games that give you a full option of what to do. Even though I tend to fall down the path of good, it's great to know it's there. It doubles the game length, in a way.