Verizon to Finally Unveil iPhone On November 9th?

An inside source at Verizon has provided RipTen with some long awaited information. According to an email sent out by corporate today, Verizon will be unveiling...

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Hitman07692784d ago

OHHHHHH SNAP, it's about to go down. I've been waiting for this announcement for a long long long time. I hope they do something with it that is better than previous iPhones too. Either way this is good for App Store gamers who want nothing to do with AT&T and have been holding off on picking up this phone.

CrzyFooL2784d ago

It's about god damn mother f**king time. Too bad I have no intention of getting rid of my droid. Too little, too late Verizon.

Jaces2784d ago

Been waiting forever, I'll end up getting this 2 years down the road when I renew my contract but I have a feeling It'll be the PSPphone instead if rumors are true.

Crazyglues2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Come on' they wouldn't do it like this, Steve Jobs would have to announce it.

All iPhones have been announced by Steve Jobs at some Mac event... so it would never be done like this...

100% not the iPhone.. it's coming, just not like this, people....


pimpmaster2784d ago

verison blows. their prices are identical to att. come on give us sprint iphone either way i dont really care, i have t mobile iphone which doesnt require internet plan or contract so im good.

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KingNintendoFanboy2784d ago

I'll never buy something that is considered a competitor to Nintendo. FANBOY is a lifestyle.

Hitman07692784d ago

Okay so then buy a Mac instead of an iPhone. :P

Takoulya2784d ago

You're so cool. You're also probably the most diplomatic person I've seen in my life. /s

Please tell me you're joking. If not, please reevaluate your life.

Stunt2784d ago

More iPhoners for the world.

Matronedea2784d ago

Yaaaaay. Since I just got my droid... I'll wait 2 years for the iPhone 6 or whatever anyway.

Drjft2784d ago

I'm quite content with my Nokia smartphone. But I guess this is good for people in the US :p

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